Urban Terror: Free Multiplayer Tactical Shooter

Urban terror is a free multiplayer first person shooter game. It is a tactical shooter and their motto is “fun over realism”. The game is created by Frozen Sand and they retain rights to the game. Unauthorized modifications are not allowed. Urban Terror has good graphics but the most enjoyable part of this FPS is the gameplay. You can choose your character and then join one of the online games. The type of games you can join is free for all, Deathmatch, Survivor, Capture The Flag, Follow the leader and Bomb mode. The weapons are realistic and you have to change magazines when you run out of bullets. Make sure you watch how many rounds you have so you don’t find yourself cornered and without ammunition. You have several weapons to choose from but you are limited to how much your character can carry. Every time someone dies you can pick up their gear to add to yours. The game takes a while to master especially because there are so many great gamers out there. When you get better there are a lot of leagues that you can join and play in the tournaments. Urban Terror is a popular game and has a good community of gamers. It is a nice realistic tactical shooter with good graphics. The game works well on GNU/Linux but is available for other platforms as well. Check out a nice video¬†here.¬†Visit their site for additional info and to download the game.

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