Ubuntu and Graphical Themes

Even though Ubuntu is a great operating system, one major flaw that a lot of people are complaining about is that it is ugly. People do not like the brown and orange theme. Some people say it looks like “poo”. Well, I agree with a lot of these people. If you have such a great open source project, why limit it by giving it such an ugly appearance?

Fortunately, Linux is very customizable. When you install Ubuntu Linux on your computer and you feel like the majority of us, make sure to visit Gnomelook.org. This site has really nice Eyecandy for your Linux computer. You can make Ubuntu look really nice and cool. Friends will be envious of your operating system. Just to let our readers know, Ubuntu is going to upgrade its theme pretty soon. Probably in the next two releases. They are finally getting the hint. Aesthetics is just as important as functionality. Especially for the common user that likes to have a pretty operating system.

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