Top 10 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Android Phones

A live wallpaper is a dynamic background that responses to multiple stimuli, that is mostly touch. A swipe across the screen may make bubbles appear or shaking the phone may makes a flower move. Whatever they may be, they sure do look pretty. As pretty they are, they cost a lot of battery juice. So if you are trying to maximize your phone’s battery life, it is not recommended to use a live wallpaper. Live wallpapers come in a very vast variety. From the nexus live wallpaper to Samsung’s famous dandelions. I have tried my best to compile a list of live wallpapers which I think are the best ones and are completely free of cost.

The crown is taken by Samsung’s iconic dandelion live wallpaper. This was bundled with the bestselling smartphone, Galaxy SIII. An instant hit, it has since been ported to multiple devices and has become a fan favorite and you can’t argue with 70000 5 star reviews. You can download a universal version from the play store.

The beautiful nexus triangles take the second place. Inspired from the original Nexus wallpaper, this theme looks absolutely gorgeous. Although it may look a little complex at the first glance, it is actually a pretty simple design. You can choose from the huge list of standard presets or even custom design one for yourself.

Third place is taken by the nexus revamped live wallpaper. As you would realize from the name, the wallpaper is a revamped version of the nexus live wallpaper. It does an excellent job at keeping the vibe of the old theme and adding a modern touch it it. It has multiple customization options such as light speed trails and density.

The Paper Mario esque Paper land takes the fourth place on the list. It may not be as good as Nintendo’s creation but it is beautiful in its own light. The paper cut out world looks very cute. Customization options include things such as time of day. You can even set it to change according to the real life time.

5. The Galaxy live wallpaper collection is rather huge but one that really stands out is the Shadow Galaxy live wallpaper. It has a dark background which makes it easy to use and helps you to use your home screen comfortably. It allows you to change the number of stars and their brightness.

6. The next one is for the Apple lovers. The iOS 7 fantasy wallpaper adds an authentic iOS feel to your Android phone in an instant. The only downside is that there isn’t much customization.

7. Who doesn’t like a vibrant display of multi colored light rays? The Rays of Light live wallpaper features slow moving light waves which sway quietly in the background. The faint background is very comfortable to use.

8. The Silhouette live wallpaper does a great job at making a perfect romantic feel of a setting sun. You can change everything from the sky color to the color of the clouds.

9. Symphony of Colors is one of the best minimalist live wallpaper out there. The spinning colorful shapes add a great contrast to the sharp black background. There are options to change the colors too.

10. Last but not the least is the Sony Xperia Z live wallpaper. It kind of looks like the PlayStation 3 XMB background. It is rather static but features a couple of ripple effect.
So that is it. I feel there is at least one wallpaper to suit everyone in the above list.

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