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In SEO it is important to do your research on keywords. You will be surprised how many people move their business online and do not do keyword research. I will explain the main point of why keyword research is important to everyone starting online.

Keywords are the words used in any given search query. The reason for doing the research is to find what keywords have larger amount of search’s so you know what to target your website for. Many people presume that their keyword search for their business will be searched a lot and there can be two bad outcomes to this.

First the keywords you have chosen don’t actually get a lot of search’s. You may have gone for a word in your keywords which actually has a different variation which get’s searched many more times.

Second you may have picked some fantastic keywords but the competition is so thick and fierce that you will have to spend a lot of money achieving a Google standing for these keywords.

Also you should also come up with different keyword phrases. Your main keywords and multiple others you would like to rank for to optimize for these.

In SEO having your main keywords as your domain such as is known as an EMD (Exact Match Domain). This used to be a highly valued ranking factor and still is for bing and yahoo. Unfortunately these days Google doesn’t give much credit for the EMD that it once did. Though having a EMD is a great way of showing that you are an authority figure within your niche. One of Google’s main organizing factor is your webpage title. This is where you should work in your other keywords. So that you will show up in the search results for the right keywords.

If your about to start up a blog or already have a blog then doing your keyword research can help you hit a few page one’s a bit quicker. Instead of writing an amazing article and hoping your are going to get a good result from it, you can do some research on the keywords to know or not if the competition is high and if it might get any searches.

First off you will need to sign up for a Google Adwords account. Google Adwords supplys a tool which was called the keyword tool but it is now known as the keyword planner tool. Basically the tool was created to allow Google Adwords publishers to research the competition of keywords they would like to buy ad’s for. Use the tool to research an find the keywords with a lot of search’s suitable for your website. Once you have found the keywords go to google and do a search and study the competition also make sure you take note of how many results it comes back with. This is your competition and the more there is the harder you will find to rank for it.

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