Search Engine Marketing Is Hard Enough Why Make It Harder?

Most traffic to websites depends on search engine marketing. The more you market or advertise, the high up in the search results you get your website. It’s an important part of doing business or pleasure on the Internet. A lot of your traffic to your website will come from search engines.

It’s not just Google you need to optimize your website. You need to hit all the search engines. They are just as important as Google. Most people focus on the big G and leave the rest in the dust. There are millions of people who use the other search engines. There is one search engine that searches search engines. That one is called It searches all the other search engines to find the best site for the keyword you typed.

Getting to the top of search results is having quality sites backlink to your site. The whole point of search engines is to find the relevant site for the keyword or long tail keywords you type. That’s how search engines came about was to find an easy way to find the best, most expert site for the keyword.

Did you know you can have 3 backlinks to your site and show up on the front page results of search engines? It’s true. All you need is quality, not quantity, backlinks to your site to be on the front page of the search engines. That’s what search engine marketing is all about.

However, there are many who think the most backlinks to a site will put them on the first page of the results. They wonder why they have to work so hard to stay there once they get to the first page. If you have quality backlinks to your site you won’t have to work hard at all to stay on the first page results. That’s the key to search engine marketing.

The search engines are pretty smart in how they figure out which site is the expert site. With so many people putting links on every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s site, they work ten times as hard as the websites that are on the first page of results.

When you do your search engine marketing make sure the quality of the site is what you want to match your site. You shouldn’t have links everywhere on the Internet. Search engines know how people link and they know how they surf the Internet. If you all of a sudden have 100 links back to your site, they know you bought them because a normal person doesn’t link to that many sites in one day. The search engines put a negative mark on your site. That means you have to now work three times are hard to get to the front page of the search engines.

It’s already a lot of work to do search engine marketing, why would you make it harder? Use quality sites, that is, expert sites to link back to your sites. Choose sites the search engine already knows are expert sites such as .gov, .edu, and sites that have a page rank of 4 and above. Of course, you could just let nature takes its course and let others link to you because you are a great site with prime information they want to share with their readers. Right?

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