Run, the Communists are coming!

Why you should use Linux.

GNU/Linux gets attacked from so many different angles. It is hilarious to read some of the comments and allegations that are made against it. I find one particular allegation hilarious and it equates GNU/Linux to Communists. So, here we go…

GNU/Linux is Communism! There are huge correlations between the two. There isn’t one particular company that owns GNU/Linux. The GNU/Linux community is giving its software away for free. They have a communal way of thinking. This should definitely ring alarm bells to the American people. We have been fighting Communism for such a long time and here it is creeping up on us again. Do not believe the GNU/Linux community. They are plotting some kind of infiltration of their ideologies. Doesn’t it make sense to take control of our computers and get into our living rooms? Get directly into our households. Linux will also run on cell phones and other gadgets. These Communists have no mercy and are willing to utilize all sorts of technologies to get to us. You should definitely stay away from GNU/Linux and don’t get suckered in to their Communist propaganda. They are talking about freedom and choice. We know that Communism isn’t about freedom and choice. We need to stick to what we know the best and that is Capitalism. We should thank Bill Gates and Microsoft for fighting the evil empire of GNU/Linux and their Communist plot. He is a noble knight and the bringer of light. He will save us all! Do not install GNU/Linux because if you do Lenin, Stalin and Karl Marx will be downloaded to your computer and they will watch over you and your family when you go to bed.

Lots of people say that GNU/Linux was created in Finland and America but this is not the truth at all. I heard someone say that they heard it from their neighbor that their friend of a friend has a relative that has a child that knows of evidence that GNU/Linux was created inside of the Kremlin. We thought that the Cold War was over but that was just a trick to let our guard down. Now the Soviet Union will rise up again through our computers in our homes and will take over our families and daily lives. Just look at a picture of Lenin and you will see a huge resemblance to Tux the penguin who is the Linux mascot. There is so much proof staring us right in our face. We need to be aware and alert against this propaganda. Children should not be allowed anywhere near Tux. He might look cute and cuddly but this is how they get you!

No one can give away anything for free. We know that this is not at all possible. We don’t need another way of thinking, especially thinking in unique and creative ways. Let’s stick to the good old ways, the good old days. Things in our society have to cost a lot of money and come pre-packaged with patents, copyrights and restrictions. How can you allow anyone to add, edit and modify things? This is preposterous and we have to stop it right away. We should alert our governments and let everyone know that the GNU/Linux community is Communist. So spread the word and let the whole world know and never ever download GNU/Linux.

Just think about all these volunteers around the world that are making the GNU/Linux project work. They are part of a community and get together to code, market and contribute in any way they can. If you know of a group gathering in your community to talk and discuss GNU/Linux maybe you should attend and watch the people closely. They could be plotting a Communist revolution or just how to get a driver to work correctly. And, never ever eat any of their free cookies they bring. Its poison! I had one and it was so good I had to have another. Oh no! The horror.

However, if you have already downloaded GNU/Linux and nothing ever happened but instead you are enjoying your free software with tons of great applications, it could mean that I might be mistaken. But I highly doubt that! Simply, GNU/Linux equates to Communism and we have to be aware of this.

Also, if you think even for a second that I am being serious, then you might have some serious issues…

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