Megaglest: 3D real time strategy game

Megaglest is an open source 3D real time strategy game. When you start the game you can choose from seven different factions Tech, Magic, Egyptian, Indian, Norsemen, Persian or Roman. There are many maps to choose from and gorgeous looking environments. The point of the game is to collect gold, stone and wood so that you can expand your base and build up a strong army. Glest has nice graphics and is very enjoyable to play even for long hours. It might take a while to figure out all the commands to control your units but that is part of the learning curve for real time strategy games. Once you learn how everything works the game play is exciting and the battles are fun. You can also play with people over LAN or the Internet. Megaglest is cross platform and works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. To download the game or to learn more about it visit the Megaglest website below.

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