Flight Gear: Free flight simulator

Flight Gear is a free and open source flight simulator. The initial release was in 1997 and development still continues. It is licensed under GNU general public license. The latest version is 1.9.1 which was released on January 25, 2009. Flight Gear is a cross platform application. Usually it is grouped with games but it is more of a simulator so for people looking for a arcade style game this is not for you. Initially, it is difficult to learn how to fly the airplanes but there are tutorials and a manual available. There are a lot of key functions that you need to learn before flying for the first time. The simulator allows you a choice of several different airplanes and many airport locations. If you do like flying simulator software then Flight Gear is something you should try out. You can download additional maps, scenery and airplanes later on as you get comfortable with the simulator. To download and get additional information about Flight Gear go to theirĀ website.

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