Don’t make these SEO mistakes

The main reason SEO mistakes happen so often is due to lack of knowledge. Take a look at how to avoid some of the most common mistakes of SEO.

Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the most fundamental mistakes, as finding the right keywords is absolutely essential in SEO. The kind of keywords you choose for your SEO campaign will ultimately determine how well your site will be ranking. Finding out the appropriate keyword involves doing diligent research and knowing what your target market wants. To figure out your target market, put yourself in their shoes and imagine which words they would be likely to search with. Wordtracker and Google’s Keyword Tool can also be useful in doing your research, and these are free to use. You really want to aim for those keywords that many people are searching for but don’t have too many competing sites. This type of keyword is called a long tail or buying keyword, and the reason for this is that customers usually use them when they are seeking an item they want to purchase. The advantage of these keyword phrases is that they aren’t as competitive so your chances of getting a high ranking for them is good. It’s also important that you use keywords that your potential customers would think to use in their searches. Research your keywords with your specific audience and the product you are marketing in mind. So in order to make your SEO campaign successful, you will have to spend a good amount of time doing keyword research, so that you don’t have to start all over again.

The next SEO mistake we’ll look at is failing to create the right title tag for their site. Thinking that the title tag doesn’t make any difference is definitely not right because the search engines use the title when displaying your site in the results. You should have your primary keyword in the title tag because it will help you achieve a higher ranking, which is the exact reason why some sites are able to do well in the search engines in spite of the other factors not in place. It also looks more professional and is more pleasing to visitors if your site has a title. Having a title tag with your keyword is not something that is difficult to create. The most effective title tags are short, so there’s no point in making it long. Your title can have up to two primary keywords, so if you use two the search engines will rank you for both.

Don’t spread content too thin it’s a mistake. Use sub-domains or additional domain names only when it is really necessary, otherwise you can simply avoid it. People think that they could dominate the first page results with many domain names, which is just a waste of time. Put all of your attention on your first page to increase the traffic and ranking of that site, this will reap better results. Of course the benefit of doing this will make you appear better than the competition in the long run giving you a more loyal following.

Take time to build a quality site to improve your ratings quickly. If your site is full of bad content or irrelevance it will not do your ranking any good. Your focus and determination will show in how well your content and theme go together.

Outsourcing your SEO can be a mistake if you choose the wrong company. Not all of the companies out there offering SEO are appropriate, in fact some are terrible. You will end up on the blacklist of search engines if you partner with the wrong SEO company. So be specific what you are looking for when choosing these companies. Check out each company you are considering by talking to previous customers about their satisfaction levels before committing to one. More progress means less mistakes.

Remember search engines will rank only the best sites, so keep this in mind when working on your site SEO.

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