10 Tips Improve Opt-In Email Subscribers

E-mail subscribers are very important for your e-commerce business. These are people who have visited your site, appreciated your work, and given you permission to get in touch with them with information that you want to share. People on such a list of subscribers don’t just act as valuable customers, but they also become a medium to reach out to more people through word – of – mouth.

1. Make Opting – In An Easy Procedure

Most subscribers give up when they have to add the birth date, phone number, house address, family background, to name of spouse and what not! Why complicate the procedure? The web user has very less patience. To win him, you need to be quick. Keep subscription options easy, prominent and easily available.

2. Make Opting – Out Easy Too

While opting in is an easy process, make the opting out process easy too. When you send your readers the confirmation e-mail, also offer them the link to ‘opt – out whenever they want to’. By making the user realize that the ball is in his court, he is more likely to trust you than to think you are a spammer.

3. Don’t Spam

That brings us to the third point – don’t spam! Be regular with your content, but over do your e-mails to subscribers. This influences your e-mail list because, people may tend to leave the list if your spam them with too much or irrelevant material. Don’t be a spammer!

4. Provide The Best Content

Content rules. Be it short messages or essays or blogs or quick updates about the latest advancements in your field. It’s important to get your article writing team on the job and create shareable and useful content.

5. Incentivize The Subscription

Incentives work because they show the user that he is in to get something valuable. The key factor to incentive is ‘benefit’. Offer something exclusive in return to the subscription. You can offer a discount on your services, a free trial of your products or perhaps a useful e-book. There are various ways to encourage subscription.

6. The Language You Use

Nobody wants to undergo an IQ test while reading an e-mail or browsing a website. Speak in simple words and simple language. At times, you can also be casual.

7. Allow People To Buy Without Registrations

If yours is an e-commerce site, people are expected to make online purchases. Now, you could always offer the ‘Sign up’ option in the beginning, but you could also offer the option to purchase without registration. Now, at the end of the registration, once the transactions are complete, you can offer a small check box asking them to sign up and close it there. It is suggested that this method works because the user has had a great experience and he’s happy to stay connected.

8. Join Hands With Other Marketers

Partnerships like one brand featuring the other on its newsletter and the other brand featuring the first one on its newsletter can also work to reach out to more people. It’s slightly indirect, but can work to win subscriptions.

9. Run A Contest And Give Out Great Prizes

Okay. Great prizes are relative! Nevertheless, simple contests work because people like the idea of winning and even small simple prizes can work to win you more subscriptions.

10. The Social Media Connection

This is the new segment on the block and must not be ignored. Since the world is out there getting ‘social’, it’s only a great idea to get your brand there. And more importantly, your e-mail subscription sign-up form!

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