10 Things I’m Bringing to Pax East

Okay, so backpacks were highly recommended over messenger bags, for the sake of your shoulder. It totally makes sense to me but we were able to get our graphic on a messenger bag and I’m all about suffering for the sake of spreading the word about our site. Hopefully I’m packing lightly enough for it not to be an issue.

Collapsible water bottles seemed to generate the most interest, but I’m cheap and I’m going with the good ole’ disposable version (still refillable!). The importance of staying hydrated was mentioned several times. Drink the water!

I’m actually bringing granola bars but they were unavailable for photos (camera shy, I guess). This Snickers bar may just sneak its way into the bag anyway, at my service for that next chocolate craving. Some kind of snack was recommended, in case you find yourself skipping meals while waiting in line. Cliff bars were also mentioned.

Bringing the DS, iPhone, PSP, or iPad? You may want to have the chargers available for anytime you find yourself lucky enough to be near an outlet for an extended period of time.

I’m worried about my phone’s battery, as I use my phone for everything. Found this portable charger on Buy.com for under $10. We’ll see how it works.

From everything I’ve read, a lot of the time spent at Pax will be spent in line and that’s not always a bad thing. This is where friendships are made over a game of Zombie Dice. I’m not so outgoing, but I have the dice. We shall see.

My dice are always in my purse, how could I attend a gaming con without them? I narrowed it down to my favorite set and the dice bag that my friend Jen made me.

This was the coolest suggestion to me. My feet tend to hurt quickly (of course, the high heeled boots I prefer probably don’t help. This weekend, I will be wearing sneakers. Shudder.) and when I read that swapping to a fresh pair of socks mid day will refresh your tired feet, I was all over that. New socks, fresh feet. Ah.

This was a new one to me too and I wasn’t going to pack it, but then I went and blistered my feet two days before the con. I’m hopeful that this padding will help me not be all Quasimodo for the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion, forums!

I’m not usually a big fan of hand sanitizer. I believe we use too many sanitizers and antibiotics rather than allowing our body’s natural immunities to do their thing. But yeah…con crud… so not fun. This is one of those times when hand sanitizer is a necessary thing.

Another recommendation from the forums, these are great to share with people you meet so you can stay connected later. For us, it’s also a good way to say, “Hey, we’re here in our little corner of cyberspace! Come check us out!”. As an introvert, I’m hoping to actually

to people. If you see us at Pax, come say hi! We’re friendly (well, I’m friendly. GRIN.), we’re just not so outgoing all the time. But we’d love to meet you!

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