10 Most Important Features of iPad to Consider Before Purchasing

You own an iPad, really cool gadget it is. But do you really think you have revealed all of its coolness? Certainly not. There are many off-manual things that make using iPad much smarter, but you only need to find them with little effort. Here we are to reduce your effort and reveal some of the secrets.

We sorted out the 10 most important features of iPad for you to consider it while purchasing.



You often need to capture the contents on your screen. It might just be the wallpaper or your home screen, or your favorite football club’s scores, or maybe your weather. Whatever it is, you can simply capture it and share on social networks. To capture a screenshot, press and hold down the menu button and the on/off button on the top simultaneously. After 4 seconds, your screen will be captured and saved.


You don’t have a dedicated mute button in iPad, unlike iPhone. But you can use the rotation lock button in the top right corner to do the same task. If you need to mute and unmute your iPad more frequently, then you may choose to make the rotation button act as mute button. The rotation lock button locks the rotation of your screen. However, to do this, go to Settings> General> Use Side Switch to: then choose the action and you’re done.


Yes, you have a multitasking bar hidden beneath the home screen. You can terminate background apps or launch one from there using this bar. To bring it up, double press your home button. To close an app from multitasking bar, tap on it and hold. After a while the apps will start to jiggle with a red minus sign on the corner, click on the jiggling apps to close.


Most of the iPad users don’t know about this awesome app. It’s available in the Apple store, just download and install. Might not be a good choice for casual use but under some circumstances you’ll sometimes feel the necessity of an app like this. It will show the locations of your friends on a map, provided that they have given you permission to know your location.


Another app that helps you find your iPad. If you are a forgetful and messy person, can’t remember where you kept your iPad at, you may play a sound in your iPad remotely and find it. Works pretty well.


If you lose or iPad anyhow and there’s no way to get it back, then your last resort might be wiping the iPad. Login to the iCloud site and do it, very easy!


Typing into a 10 inch tab isn’t easy. You have to stretch your thumbs and if they are not so long, then typing is simply a pain. But iPad makes it easier to type by splitting the keyboard into two parts. Tap the keyboard button in the bottom right corner and select split keyboard. Your keyboard is now split into two parts and raised a little bit to a comfortable position.


You may haven’t noticed that your new iPad now has three fonts. You can now add spice to your notes by changing the fonts. Go to settings in notes and choose one from the three.


iPad is a huge slate and so is the camera preview. You sometimes can’t manage to keep your subjects in line while capturing photos. To avoid this, turn on the camera grids. Tap Options in Camera and select grid. You’re done.


Want your children to not access all the applications in your iPad? Find ‘Restriction’ under General tab from settings and then leave your iPad with your belongings.

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