10+ Best and Must Have Free Apps for Android

Android, launched back in 2008, is one of the most widely used Operating Systems for Mobile Devices (along with iOS from Apple). One reason for Android’s success is the Android Market which has more than 500,000+ apps (estimated); both paid and free.
With so many apps on the Market; it is difficult or rather impossible to locate, browse, install, and use Apps that increase productivity, enhance communication, and increase fun and entertainment. For this very reason, we bring you 10+ Best and Free Apps for you to choose from.


Facebook for Android is a must have App for all those who want to remain connected with their friends and family. The Facebook App not only allows you to use Facebook in an efficient manner, it also integrates well with the phone allowing you to sync contacts with your phone contacts. Therefore, it is on top of our list on Must Have Free Apps for Android.


Twitter is the best micro blogging tool out there and the Twitter App for Android allows you to use this tool most efficiently. Not only that; the Twitter App for Android Syncs your Twitter friends with your contacts. This is definitely one of the Best Free Apps for Android.


Google + is a social network from Google and its Android App is what lets you take charge of the social network. This little app has an excellent way of integrating itself with your Android phone. It lets you upload pictures to Google+ instantly (a much desired feature by so many out there). This app surely makes it to the list on Must Have Free Apps for Android.


This little App is one of the best accessories you can have on your Android Phone. A very handy feature that is available in low cost phones but mostly missing in smart phones is the torch light. This app converts your screen into a torch light with the help of single touch. You can choose from a number of different styles of torch light. This app surely makes it to the list on Best Free Apps for Android.


MX Video player is one must have app on your Android phone. This App is capable of playing almost every video CODEC out there which means you can watch video in almost any format.


Angry Birds game needs no introduction. It is the best game out there for Smartphones. It is the most widely played and loved game. Download it and get busy in saving those precious eggs that are too important for those Angry Birds.


Android is equipped with one of the best Web Browsers out there but there are times when you have to use a light weight web browser for your surfing needs and Opera Mini fits in wonderfully. It is an excellent web browser and a must have for any Android Phone.


Ever note lets you take notes and snapshots on the go. It syncs all those notes to your other devices as well as on the cloud for easy web access. It is one of the best productivity tool out there and a must have for any Android Phone Owner.


What good is a Smartphone if it doesn’t tell you where your friends are? Well Foursquare is one such app that lets you check in at venues, see other people’s comments about the venue and let your friends know where you are.


Google Goggles lets you take picture of any building or monument and then it translates that image and gives all the fact and figure about that place. This little app actually defines what a smartphone should look like.


When it comes to Cloud Storage one name stand out from the rest and it is Drop Box. Drop Box app for Android it a must have if you are fond of cloud storage for backup and sharing important files. It syncs your files with your other devices or with your friend’s devices (if you have shared files with them). This app surely makes it to the list on Must have Free Apps for Android.


Wunderlist is the best To-do manager out there. It has an awesome App for Android which is a must have if you really are an organized person. Wunderlist has apps for variety of platforms including PC and iPhone as well as a web based interface. You can sync your task among many devices and keep yourself organized. This app is a Must have Free App for Android.


Astro file manager is an excellent file manager for your Android Device. It lets you browse and do a lot of stuff for managing your files on your SD card and on you phone’s internal memory. This app surely makes it to the list on Best Free Apps for Android.


Cardiograph is an excellent health App that is a must for any Android Smartphone. It allows you to measure your heartbeat with you Smart phone Camera. Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is to keep your finger on the camera and the app will tell you your heartbeat. Pretty awesome, huh?!
Hope you liked our collection of Best Free Apps for Android. Keep coming for more. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments section.

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