Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Torrent Sites of 2012

There are many different torrent sites on the Internet. Every year new sites pop up while old ones fade out. This is a new list of great Torrent Sites for 2012. If we missed any good sites please leave them in the comment section below.

Kickasstorrents - One of the best torrent sites currently out there

Demonoid - Private but you can download the latest torrents even without registration

1337x - Ad free torrent search

Torrent Funk - Discover your funk

Vertor - Verified torrents

ScrapeTorrent - Searches several popular torrent sites

ExtraTorrents - The biggest BitTorrent system

ISOhunt - Comprehensive bittorent search

Torrent Reactor - The most active torrents on the web

BTjunkie - Large bittorent search

Torrent Scan - Another search engine of popular torrent sites

Sumo Torrent - Fresh torrent source

Torrentz - Nice bittorent search

Torrent Box - A very good source

Fenopy - Yet another site for torrents

Torrent Matrix - Latest bittorent files

SeedPeer - It has a verified torrent section


  1. BtJunkie is now shut down as of Feb 5th. :-(

  2. is my favorite, it's been around for 4 years and it's fast. and I love the verified torrents.Try it and enjoy it!:)

  3. I use Its like but not so known.


    Love being a member on this site!

    Lots of great "free" torrents so even the most novice torrent user can easily keep their ratio in good standing.

    A lot of the free torrents are entire seasons of some of the most popular shows on tv!

    I highly recommend it!