Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is this Linux thingy and why should I care?

Linux is a free operating system just like Windows or Mac OS. The great thing about Linux is that it is completely free to download and use. I am shocked when I see people going into computer stores and paying hundreds of dollars for Windows. Most people do not know about Linux because there is no single company behind the project. It is a community effort and many individuals, companies and organizations are involved to bring you this amazing OS. Anyone can download the operating system for free and get access to thousands of free software. The Linux community is growing and the programs are high quality as well. Because Linux does not advertise as extensively as Windows or Mac computers it is sometimes difficult for the average user to learn about Linux. If you want to see a quick and easy video of what Linux looks like click here. A more visual feature rich Linux looks like this. There are also some nice screenshots that you can check out. The great thing about Linux is that you can customize almost anything about it and make it look like your own artistic creation. Don't listen to large companies that are trying to put down Linux because they have their own bottom line in mind. They don't want people to learn about Linux because they would not be able to charge the average person so much money for an operating system. You be the judge for yourself and give Linux a try. There are many different Linux distributions to choose from but a great one to start of is Ubuntu Linux. It's fast, easy, intuitive and has lots of support from a great community of people. Later on if you learn a little bit more about Linux you can move on to other distributions. Each distribution is geared towards a different user and you are bound to find one that fits your needs. Open Source software is changing the computer industry and allowing the average user to have more power without being locked in and constrained by large corporations that use patents, licenses and other methods to limit your use of software.

Torrent Freak

If you like to know the latest news on torrents and other related news about P2P technology then you got to keep up with the news on Torrent Freak. This is a great site that brings the latest news and fresh articles to its readers. Also, every few months they post the top torrent site list which has become very popular. The posting shows which sites are stagnating and which sites are upcoming as new and innovative.

Fav4 start up page

Are you tired of the same start up page on your browser? Do you want something new, uncluttered and chic? Try out This start up page is plain and simple, not like most cluttered sites that want to bombard you with links and ads. Fav4 allows you to choose four of your favorite websites as icons on their start up screen. There are additional features coming but I really like the simplicity and uncluttered space they provide.