Friday, December 31, 2010

Gimp: A free alternative to Photoshop.

Gimp is an image manipulation application. The initial release was in 1996 and its popularity continues to grow. It is a completely free program and is a great alternative to Photoshop. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a great image editing software. Gimp is open source and completely free to download and use. The application features many tools for beginners and professionals as well. If you like editing pictures and graphics then this software is something you should definitely download. Gimp works on Mac OS, Windows and GNU/Linux.

Go to the site and download it. Gimp

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Linux Action Show

If you like to learn more about Linux and open source software then you should check out the Linux Action Show. It is hosted by Chris Fisher and Bryan Lunduke. The show is definitely geeky but there is a lot to learn especially if you are new to Linux. Even veteran Linux users will learn a thing or two. The show had its debut in 2006 and it's still going strong after many years. Chris and Bryan review many distributions of Linux and also a variety of open source applications. There is a call in question and answer segment which is pretty cool as well. You can watch the Linux Action Show podcasts for free on

Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best Torrent Sites of 2010

Holiday season has already begun and New Year's Eve is quickly approaching. Here is our list of popular torrent sites for the year 2010. If you know of any other great sites please let us know. Happy Holidays to everyone!

KickassTorrents - No ads and a fantastic site

Mininova - The Ultimate Bittorent Source

Demonoid - Private but you can download the latest torrents even without registration

ScrapeTorrent - Searches several popular torrent sites

SeedPeer - It has a verified torrent section

ISOhunt - Comprehensive bittorent search

Torrent Reactor - The most active torrents on the web

BTjunkie - Large bittorent search

Btscence - Clean torrents 

Torrent Scan - Another search engine of popular torrent sites

Sumo Torrent - Fresh torrent source

Torrentz - Nice bittorent search

Torrent Box - A very good source

Fenopy - Yet another site for torrents

Share Reactor - Indexes bittorent and edonkey P2P

Torrent Matrix - Latest bittorent files

Bitenova - Add comments and rate torrents

Spynova - Indexes torrents

Friday, December 17, 2010

The best video player out there!

VLC media player is a great application that works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It is by far one of the best video players out there. It can play various video file formats as well as DVD's, CD's, VCD's.  VLC media player is free to download and use. It was initially released in 2001 by a group at Ecole Centrale Paris and since then has become very popular. Today, it is an open source project and anyone can contribute to it from around the world. It is amazing how many different audio and video codecs this application can handle. This is definitely a good media player for watching videos off the Internet. It is licensed under the GNU general public license. If you are looking for a great video player for your computer then VLC media player is it. Check out their website for more information, skins and to download the application.

VLC media player website.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Assault Cube: Awesome first person shooter

Assault Cube is a first person shooter based on the Cube engine. It has a single player mode and multiplayer. This FPS is realistic and team oriented. The graphics are nice and the weapons are awesome. It is a fast paced game and very enjoyable. There are two teams. One is the Cubers Liberations Army (CLA) and the other is the Rabid Viper Special Forces (RVSF). This game is free and works well on Linux.

Here is the link to Assault Cube website.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Top Documentary Films online.

Top Documentary Films is a great website that lets you browse through hundreds of videos and watch them online for free. The website has a great layout which is easy to navigate. There are many categories to choose from which range by subjects such as religion to drugs. The documentaries are very informative and thought provoking. If you are on the net and want to watch some educational videos than check out Top Documentary Films online.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

XBMC: Free media center for your computer

XBMC is a great media center application for your computer. It is free and open source software and licensed under GNU GPL. If you have a lot of pictures, videos, music you can all have easy access to them through XBMC media center. This application works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. There are plenty of skins to choose from and the default one looks pretty amazing. You can add additional functionality through add ons and scripts. XBMC looks great on your computer or your living room TV and is a nice way to access your digital files. If you want additional information check out their website at XBMC. Definitely great software that people should have.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Penguspy: Just the best linux games.

Penguspy is a nice site that features lots of great Linux games. Their site is easy to navigate and features star reviews of the games as well as peoples comments. You can find a short description on each game and a nice video so that you can preview the game before downloading. The site also features categories where you can browse through your favourite genre. It is still in beta but the site seems to be getting better each week. Go to Penguspy and start gaming on Linux.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The best anti-virus out there!

Last week my mom forwarded an email to me and I started to laugh. The email was to warn me about a virus that is spreading and destroying peoples data. I called my mom and told her that she does not have to worry. I explained that this virus is for Windows OS and she is running Ubuntu for over a year. Even if she downloaded it she wouldn't be able to run it and the virus would not know what to do on the Linux platform. My mom is not very technically savvy but she is happy with using Linux. I installed her system and made sure that it is easy to use. I explained to her that the best anti-virus software is Linux.

I always thought that this virus thing was mostly just fear installed in people. Every time you go to a store you see McAfee or Norton Antivirus. The sales people are trying to scare you into purchasing their products. The bottom line is to make money of the fear of users. I am not sure if the anti-virus products are still the same as they used to be in the past but I remember them always popping up. Somehow, I always thought of the anti-virus software as a freaking virus itself. Always needing something, taking my computer resources and being a horrible nuisance. Just get off my screen!

Like a lot of things in our society, all you have to do is instill fear into people and then sell them products to protect themselves. Antivirus software is big business and the industry is very good at scaring the common computer user. Most viruses could be avoided just by following simple common sense rules. Anyways, my mom found out that she is immune to majority of viruses that are out there and that her precious data is safe for now. The way Linux is created makes it difficult for viruses to function. Linux is the best anti-virus software that you can get.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

World of Padman

World Of Padman is a great first person shooter game. Initial release date was in 2007 and it has become very popular among the Linux community since then. World Of Padman works great on Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux. It is unique from other FPS games and it is open source. This is a cartoon style game that is very adorable and has awesome 3D graphics. A single player mode is not yet implemented but you can go into multiplayer and add some bots. Also, you can play offline against these bots or play online against other realtime players. There are plenty of different guns to choose from and many aesthetically pleasing maps. The game is fun, fast and addictive. If you want to see a preview check out the video here. Otherwise go to their website and download the WOP game. You will have tons of fun with this gorgeous first person shooter. Enjoy!

World Of Padman website.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ubuntu Software Centre has great potential

The Ubuntu distribution has definitely helped out Linux to become more popular among computer users worldwide. One great concept that Ubuntu brings to GNU/Linux distributions is the ease of use. Usually, when I recommend Linux to newcomers I always tell them to download Ubuntu first. It is good looking, easy to use and intuitive for someone who is coming from Windows or Mac OS X. One of the many great features of Ubuntu is its Software Centre. In the past, installing software on some of the GNU/Linux distributions was difficult for new users and this made them very frustrated. Today, anyone who uses Ubuntu can go to the software centre and choose thousands of applications they would like to install. All applications are grouped by categories and there is a featured section as well. If you do not want to browse through the categories you can do a general search for a specific program. The Software Centre has centralized Linux application installation and made it very convenient. However, the Ubuntu Software Centre still has some growing and evolving to do. In the future it would be nice to see reviews of applications included in the software center. This would enable people to choose the top rating apps and also read reviews of others before installing.
     Also, the Ubuntu Software Centre should start charging for open source software and help out the hard working programmers that bring us great apps for the GNU/Linux desktop. This would enable the programmers and the many great open source projects to earn a revenue from the software they produce. Advanced games would be more plentiful and complex software would be available as well. The Ubuntu Software Centre has a lot of potential to create a great market for excellent GNU/Linux software and a great stream of revenue for open source programmers that are struggling to turn a profit. I hope that the next few versions of Ubuntu will have these great features implemented. The Software Centre can spur a new class of great applications for the GNU/Linux platform and bring more users to use Linux as their primary operating system.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Urban Terror: Free First Person Shooter

Urban terror is a free multiplayer first person shooter game. It is a tactical shooter and their motto is "fun over realism". The game is created by Frozen Sand and they retain rights to the game. Urban Terror has good graphics but the most enjoyable part of this FPS is the gameplay. You can choose your character and then join one of the online games. The type of games you can join is Free For All, Deathmatch, Survivor, Capture The Flag, Follow the leader and Bomb mode. The weapons are realistic and you have to change magazines when you run out of bullets. Make sure you watch how many rounds you have left so you don't find yourself cornered and without ammunition. You have several weapons to choose from but you are limited to how much your character can carry. Every time someone dies you can pick up their gear to add to yours. The game takes a while to master especially because there are so many great gamers out there. When you get better there are a lot of leagues that you can join and play in their tournaments. Urban Terror is a popular game and has a good community of gamers. It is a nice realistic tactical shooter with good graphics and many levels to choose from. The game works well on GNU/Linux but is available for other platforms as well. Check out a nice video here. Visit their site for additional info and to download the game.

Urban Terror website.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google Voice - Great addition to Gmail

Yesterday Google has enabled voice calling from your Gmail account. I gave it a try today and it works really well. It is convenient, easy and calling U.S. and Canada cell phones/land lines is free till the end of the year. This is definitely a great addition to gmail and will bring in more users. The call quality is very good. I used a Netbook to call my cell phone and the audio was excellent. Google mentioned that this feature is only available for U.S. users, but many people outside of U.S. said it already worked for them. If Google will play its cards right they can have a great product that will generate revenue in the future. VOIP is a lucrative market especially if you already have a user base of millions of people.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to school computer shopping.

There are only a few more weeks before school begins again and technology companies are gearing up for one of the most busy seasons of the year.

Even though having a laptop is not mandatory for college or university studies, students often justify the purchase by saying that they need it desperately for school. I have worked in several large computer stores that have back to school specials for students and let me tell you that its all about revenue and scamming the customer. These large businesses want to extract as much money as possible from customers and are willing to go the distance in confusing students and their parents in order to make that extra profit. For example, I was told shamelessly straight to my face when buying a netbook that the company does not make a lot of money from the sale of a laptop and that I should purchase something else on top.

This is why all associates are forced to upsell and skew the truth. These people tell you that you need a CD created in order for your computer to have a backup. This extra service is only $60. For extra $100 they will setup your computer to be "ready to use". This is a major scam because anyone can do this setup by themselves with only a few clicks of the mouse when they boot up their system for the first time. My wife was once told that she can get a recovery disc created by them for only $100, as the laptop she was purchasing did not come with one. When she asked if she could do it herself, she was told that it definitely wasn't possible, but that she can bring the laptop back later on and it can still be done. When she got home and booted the computer for the first time, it gave her an option to burn a recovery CD at the end.

However, even if you do not buy into the "setup your computer" argument the associate will tell you that there are tons of viruses out there that will destroy your precious data and you will have to buy antivirus. But don't worry because its on special for just $80. Another tactic they like to use is to sell you extended warranty that is about $120 to $250. This enables you to bring the computer back to the place you bought it instead of shipping it to the manufacturer. Just a side note: Manufacturers have a great service and will replace your computer for free if its still in warranty and shipping is paid by them. I shipped several laptops back to various manufacturers and the service is very fast, professional and efficient.

After pressuring you to hand over hundreds of dollars for a laptop or a netbook, they try to sell you optical drives, mice, cases and many other peripherals. Many times I have overheard associates lying to customers about what they need just to sell the extra package so that they can get a bonus/commission or just to get their manager of their backs. Even though associates in these large stores try to be polite and smile to your face, they are scamming you for hundreds of dollars out of your hard earned money just because you are unaware about what you really need. And if that fails, many stores increase the price of the product and try to sell you the whole "better value" package, without having the option to buy the computer without those unnecessary "upgrades".

Therefore, this back to school season do some serious research about what you need and don't need and do not be pressured into buying additional things that you might regret later or realize that it was a waste of your money. Majority of these businesses are making huge profits on the ignorance of many individuals about technology and computers.

A few good examples that you should think about might include: Do students really need the latest MacBook Pro for $2000 to type essays that can be done on a Netbook or a regular laptop? Do you need to pay additional $130 for Microsoft Office if Openoffice is free to use and download? Do you need firewall and Antivirus if you are smart about what files to open and follow some simple security rules? Or you can download AVG Free Anti-virus or Avast for free and many universities provide you with anti-virus for free while you are their student. Do you need additional warranty for $200 if shipping to a manufacturer is free and easily set up online? How long do you expect your laptop to last you? Do you really need to pay hundreds of dollars for an extended warranty if your netbook cost $350 and it is cheaper to buy a new one than keep fixing an old one in 3 years? Try to see through manipulative associates in big computer stores that try to scam you for hundreds of dollars and make you think that you need every one of the things they offer or your computer will blow up. Play it smart and use the money you save for your books or tuition instead because those things are not getting any cheaper....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Revolution OS - A Linux documentary

A great documentary created in 2001 by J.T.S. Moore about GNU/Linux, Open Source and the free software movement. Grab a comfy chair and a snack and enjoy the film.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Linux is Political!

I have had so many different discussions with people about which computer operating system is the best. Most people that I talk to swear by the one they use. This generally means Windows because it comes pre-installed on people's machines when they first buy them.

If your debate is about real technical issues, then Linux, Windows and Mac OS all have their strengths and weaknesses. It seems that all three operating systems are great to use depending on what the user needs. However, I do think that an operating system should not be judged solely on its technical strengths and weaknesses but also on its ideology and the way it is developed. This leads us into the debate of proprietary and open source software. Most people that I talk to have very little understanding about what is open source. They do not understand the concept until I further explain it to them or they research it on their own.  Initially they have a lot of questions that they want answered. How can the open source community produce an operating system that is free? Who "owns" Linux? Where do I get it and how come Linux does not advertise as extensively as Apple or Microsoft? People have a hard time understanding that there is no single company behind Linux. They don't understand that Linux cannot be monopolized like Windows or Mac OS because no single entity owns the Linux source code. When these people realize that there is much more to Linux than its technical strengths and weaknesses, then they really understand its potential to change the software industry.

Open Source is an innovative concept to create software without copyrights and restrictions. Because of the way Linux is developed it is not only an operating system but a political movement as well. No more Bill Gates or Steve Jobs dictating to you what kind of functions you should have or not have and what you as a user need or do not need. Linux gives you pure freedom to download, copy, modify and distribute. This fantastic concept puts Linux far ahead of Windows and Mac OS and when people realize its potential implications they are amazed. The computer software business is no longer what it used to be as it continuously changes and adapts. No more restrictions, limitations and monopolies but only freedom. A lot of individuals are tired of large corporations who try to limit the end user and dictate the terms of use to them. These people use Linux not only because it has many great features and strengths but also as a political statement against the status quo.

Software does not have to be expensive, limiting and restrictive. Using Linux as an operating system is a political statement that tells the large corporations and the creators of restrictive proprietary software that there is a different way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great Torrent Site

KickAssTorrents is a great site to download videos, audio and many other large files. It is ad-free and has a very clean interface. This site has become very popular recently and it keeps growing its client base. If you like downloading torrents then this site is something that you should definitely have in your bookmarks. Check out KickAssTorrents and let us know what you think.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why have you switched to GNU/Linux?

A long time ago when I was using Windows I realized that many applications were trying to constrain me from doing certain tasks. I was unable to play a certain format or had to install applications that I did not want on my system. I started to think critically as to why I am using Windows and if there is some kind of alternative that I could use instead. Prior to this, I used Mac OS but I knew that both operating systems are proprietary and want to limit the end user. I got tired of being manipulated to use a particular application and having bloatware already pre-installed on my computer. After searching the Internet for alternatives to Mac OS and Windows I found this really cool concept that is called Linux. I didn't know much about the OS but gave it a shot. I played around with several distributions till I found one that fit my needs. When I started using Linux, which was more than a decade ago it was still relatively hard to use and it was mostly for hobbyists. However, it was the concept of open source that kept me intrigued. I loved the fact that no single company such as Microsoft or Apple had any of their applications installed on my computer. I had the power for the first time to modify my system as thoroughly as I wanted, from little tweaks to major changes that required know-how. Today, I am happy that I switched to Linux full time. My system is fast, reliable and very stable. Linux enables the end user to finally have a lot of power. Over the years I have seen Linux mature and evolve. It has developed from something basic and geeky to a full featured operating system that anyone can use. The Linux operating system is ready for anyone who is searching for an alternative to expensive and proprietary software.

Everyone has a different story why they switched to Linux. I would like to hear your story and why you made the switch. Was it financial, political, technical or other? Are you using Linux on a Server, Desktop, Netbook or another device? Please leave your comments below.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So you want to be a Hacker?

Linux is a great operating system to learn about network security. If you are interested in learning more about the information security field then Back Track Linux distribution is something you should definitely try. The latest stable release is Back Track 4 which was released on  January 9th 2010 and includes the most comprehensive security related tools. Back Track 4 is not only geared towards professionals but for all types of skill levels. You can use Back Track as your primary OS or boot it from live DVD or a thumb drive. It is a very popular penetration testing distro which allows you to learn about network vulnerability and many other related security issues. It includes tons of applications and is based on the Ubuntu distribution. To download Back Track 4 go to their website.

Good bye Microsoft!

Even though today most desktop and laptop computers are still using Microsoft Windows, there is a huge shift occurring in the computer industry. With the latest announcement that Google is banning Microsoft Windows in its workplace and shifting to alternative operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux, things for Microsoft are not looking very good. With Linux already being a mature OS, it can definitely go head to head with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS as well. Pressure on Microsoft Windows is not only occurring from the desktop, laptop and netbook market but also from many other devices such as Tablet PCs and smartphones. Today, a lot of people do not connect to the Internet only through PC's but through many different technologies. It is these new technologies that along with alternative operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux are lowering the usage of Microsoft Windows overall. With the release of Google Chrome OS at the end of the year, Linux will take even more market share away from Windows. It seems that Microsoft is slowly fading from its dominant position and loosing its monopoly. Only through innovation will Microsoft be able to defend its place but it seems that this is very unlikely. Microsoft has become too big and sluggish. It is time to bid Microsoft good bye and embrace the up and coming alternatives.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yauba - Privacy safe search engine

Yauba is a search engine that focuses on users security and privacy. Launched in 2009, Yauba is a real time search engine from India. According to their site the search engine does not keep any record of your search terms, browsing history or any personal identifiable information. They periodically erase private information from their servers so you can stay anonymous. Currently Yauba is in Beta and is available in several different languages. Give Yauba a try and let us know what you think. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

World of Padman

World Of Padman is a great first person shooter game. Initial release date was in 2007 and it has become very popular among the Linux community since then. World Of Padman works great on Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux. It is unique from the other FPS games and is open source. This is a cartoon style game that is very adorable and has awesome 3D graphics. A single player mode is not yet implemented but you can go into multiplayer and add some bots. Also, you can play offline against these bots or play online against other realtime players. There are plenty of different guns to choose from and many aesthetically pleasing maps. The game is fun, fast and addictive. If you want to see a preview check out the video here. Otherwise go to their website and download the WOP game. You will have tons of fun with this gorgeous first person shooter. Enjoy!

World Of Padman website.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gutenberg Free E-books for everyone

Project Gutenberg is a great site to download electronic e-books for your computer, iPhone, Kindle, Sony reader and other devices. They have over 30, 000 free e-books to choose from so you will have plenty of great material to read. Also, there is no fee or registration required. Find the e-book you would like to read and download. The copyright on these e-books has expired so you don't have to worry that you are downloading something illegal. The Gutenberg site is a great project that tries to digitize many great works and makes them available to all. Check out their website here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is this Linux thingy and why should I care?

Linux is a free operating system just like Windows or Mac OS. The great thing about Linux is that it is completely free to download and use. I am shocked when I see people going into computer stores and paying hundreds of dollars for Windows. Most people do not know about Linux because there is no single company behind the project. It is a community effort and many individuals, companies and organizations are involved to bring you this amazing OS. Anyone can download the operating system for free and get access to thousands of free software. The Linux community is growing and the programs are high quality as well. Because Linux does not advertise as extensively as Windows or Mac computers it is sometimes difficult for the average user to learn about Linux. If you want to see a quick and easy video of what Linux looks like click here. A more visual feature rich Linux looks like this. There are also some nice screenshots that you can check out. The great thing about Linux is that you can customize almost anything about it and make it look like your own artistic creation. Don't listen to large companies that are trying to put down Linux because they have their own bottom line in mind. They don't want people to learn about Linux because they would not be able to charge the average person so much money for an operating system. You be the judge for yourself and give Linux a try. There are many different Linux distributions to choose from but a great one to start of is Ubuntu Linux. It's fast, easy, intuitive and has lots of support from a great community of people. Later on if you learn a little bit more about Linux you can move on to other distributions. Each distribution is geared towards a different user and you are bound to find one that fits your needs. Open Source software is changing the computer industry and allowing the average user to have more power without being locked in and constrained by large corporations that use patents, licenses and other methods to limit your use of software.

Torrent Freak

If you like to know the latest news on torrents and other related news about P2P technology then you got to keep up with the news on Torrent Freak. This is a great site that brings the latest news and fresh articles to its readers. Also, every few months they post the top torrent site list which has become very popular. The posting shows which sites are stagnating and which sites are upcoming as new and innovative.

Fav4 start up page

Are you tired of the same start up page on your browser? Do you want something new, uncluttered and chic? Try out This start up page is plain and simple, not like most cluttered sites that want to bombard you with links and ads. Fav4 allows you to choose four of your favorite websites as icons on their start up screen. There are additional features coming but I really like the simplicity and uncluttered space they provide.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

PlayDeb - Games for your Ubuntu Linux

PlayDeb is a nice website that lists games for your Ubuntu Linux. A lot of people are new to Linux and want to know more about games. This site is easy to use and you can find some pretty cool games to spend your weekend on. Gaming for Linux is improving and with more people switching to this operating system more great games will be launched. Check out and start gaming on Linux.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

XBMC: Free media center for your computer

XBMC is a great media center application for your computer. It is free and open source software and licensed under GNU GPL. If you have a lot of pictures, videos, music you can all have easy access to them through XBMC media center. This application works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. There are plenty of skins to choose from and the default one looks pretty amazing. You can add additional functionality through add ons and scripts. XBMC looks great on your computer or your living room TV and is a nice way to access your digital files. If you want additional information check out their website at XBMC. Definitely great software that people should have.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sabayon: the cutest, free operating system

Sabayon is a Gentoo based Linux distribution created by Fabio Erculiani and many other developers. Its slogan is; open your source, open your mind. It is a stylish and cute Linux distribution that has been getting a lot of attention recently and its community has been growing as well. You can get Sabayon with Gnome or Kde and a live DVD is also available so that you can try out the operating system before installing it. Sabayon looks great and comes with many applications such as Compiz, XBMC media center, VLC media player and many others. If you want a great looking and stable Linux distribution head over to Sabayon website to learn more.

Sabayon Linux.