Friday, July 31, 2009

First they bash it, then they use it.

Human beings are very interesting creatures. Their behaviour is very unpredictable and often illogical. They have emotions and feelings that drive them to do certain things. My Blog is about promoting GNU/Linux and technology. If you try promoting something to people, you are bound to get opposition and just weird and angry comments. I get a lot of Windows users on my site which is good because I want to let them know about a genuine alternative to Microsoft Windows. But some of these people bash Linux from every angle. Majority of this bashing is very immature and often does not include good arguments. I don't think most of these people ever used Linux and are merely repeating information that they heard from others. Nevertheless, the most important part is that GNU/Linux is maturing and now that it is being promoted more, people are realizing that they have an alternative. I have been promoting GNU/Linux for years, even back when it was not as user friendly as it is today. Even then people laughed at it and bashed it from left, right and center. The funny thing is that now when I go over to these people's houses I realize that they are using GNU/Linux. They have switched over. Several years ago they were so against it and now it is running on their home computers. Like I said, human beings are so unpredictable. Even if you get initial resistance and all kinds of illogical arguments, people are becoming aware that there is an alternative out there. And, that is the whole point of promoting something. First they bash it, and later on they use it. Go figure. The GNU/Linux OS is gaining market share and it is getting better with each release. There are a lot of people that are pondering of installing it on their computers. The concept of open source and having a great alternative to Microsoft Windows is slowly becoming embedded in their minds.

GNU/Linux is a really good concept. It empowers the end user and gives you tons of choices, power and freedom. You can choose from hundreds of different distributions, install thousands of free software and customize your OS significanty if you choose to. On the other hand, most proprietary software locks you in and dictates to you what you can do or not do with it. The open source community is based on freedom to copy, modify and redistribute. It is a very different way of thinking than we are currently used to. So, I don't take the people too seriously when they are bashing GNU/Linux because I know that some of them will in a couple of years or even sooner be installing this operating system. GNU/Linux is here to stay and the concept will definitely spread no matter how much illogical resistance there will be. Even Google is getting on board and going to create their own OS based on the Linux kernel. For sure a large company like that will get more people to try it out. There is something to the GNU/Linux community and when the people get to know it properly they will stop bashing it and be part of it. Today's bashers are probably future GNU/Linux users. Illogical? Yes. But that is human nature.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LiVES: video editing program

LiVES is a free video editing program and VJ tool. It is licensed under GNU General Public License. The project started in 2002 and is still in development. The latest release is 1.0.0 on July 22, 2009. There are many plugins for effects, decoders, encoders, and video playback. The LiVES application has a huge list of features. You can trim and edit your clips using the clip editor. If you have multiple clips you can put them on one timeline through the multitrack window. For more information visit their website.

Windows 7 cracked. Why bother?

Windows 7 was released to manufacturers and already there is a crack available. Microsoft made a comment that you should not download Windows from unathorized sources because they may have viruses, trojans, malware etc. A lot of people are using pirated version of Windows. But why pirate Windows if you can get Linux for free? The constant problems of having an illegal version of Windows running on your computer. Its hard to get security updates and the endless tweaking, plus the fact that it is illegal. Things might not work on your pirated version of Windows as you would want and upgrades are very difficult. There is no need for any of this if you switch to GNU/Linux. Why go the Windows route and complicate things? With GNU/Linux you will get a great free operating system with tons of software and security updates. There is nothing to crack because GNU/Linux is absolutely free and of good quality. So why put so much effort in cracking Windows and constantly having problems if you can download GNU/Linux and have a hassle free experience? If you will use a pirated version of Windows you will run into problems. So why bother? Just by-pass Windows all together and start exploring the wonderful world of open source software.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Windows 7 $200, Linux Free

Windows 7 is being released on October 22, 2009. It is going to cost around $200. This is a lot of money for an operating system that a lot of people have issues with. Instead of throwing your hard earn cash on Windows maybe you should look into alternatives that are available to you. Linux is an operating system that you can download for absolutely free and allows you to do most of the things you would do in Windows. There is no catch and no one will block the software to extort money from you. The operating system comes with great free software that allows you to surf the web, write documents, play video, edit music, graphic design, games and much more. There are already millions of people using Linux all over the world and more individuals are switching over. Maybe you should explore your options before purchasing Windows 7. You will find that Linux has tons of software and they are of good quality. Even proprietary applications are used on Linux and because the operating system is being adopted by so many users companies are taking notice. To try Linux all you have to do is download an image file off the Internet and burn it on a CD. You can use the Live CD without influencing your Windows setup. This will allow you to see certain features and give you a preview of the Linux OS. A lot of individuals have installed Linux and are questioning themselves how come they were paying so much for software previously. If you are interested in exploring an alternative to Windows 7 then check out the top Linux distributions websites below.

Ubuntu - The most popular GNU/Linux distribution.

Mint Linux - Easy and elegant OS

Fedora - Uses free and opensource software

OpenSuse - Linux distribution with financial backing

Debian - Another great Linux distro

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linux is easy to use.

There are a lot of misconceptions about GNU/Linux. One myth that is constantly being propagated is that Linux is hard to use and that only techies know how to use it. This is not true especially today, when there are distributions of GNU/Linux that focus on ease of use. People that are making these statements are most likely not properly informed about GNU/Linux or are using the wrong distribution that is not geared towards them.

It is important to let people know that anyone can use Linux and that it is user friendly. All over the Internet there are articles of all kinds of people using GNU/Linux, ranging from young children to older generation. If they can do it, everyone can. My seventy eight year old grandfather also uses GNU/Linux and he has no problem with it.

One of the issues for beginners is that when someone wants to try GNU/Linux they don't know which distribution to download. There are so many to choose from and it is important to choose the right one. If you download and install a distribution that is geared towards professional Linux users, then you will be confused. For beginners I would recommend Mint Linux or Ubuntu distribution of GNU/Linux. These are very easy to install and setup on your computer. They have many applications and features that you will be impressed with. Everything is click and select as you would do in Windows or Mac OS. You do not need to type commands if you don't wish to. Installing applications is also convenient by using the add/remove application or synaptic package manager. You can also download .deb files from the Internet and they are also easy to install. These distributions are very popular and have a great community of people that will answer any questions you may have. The Mint Linux motto is "It works right out of the box" and Ubuntu's is "It should just work". So definitely these distros are focusing on ease of use and you should try them out if you are afraid that GNU/Linux is only for techies and hobbyists.

Linux is used by many individuals ranging from amateurs to professionals. It is not an operating system aimed only for programmers anymore. I would suggest that people try the free operating system for themselves and make their own opinion instead of listening to other people. Below are links to Ubuntu and Mint Linux. All you need is a blank CD to download the image file and start exploring the world of open source. You will be impressed on how feature rich GNU/Linux is. Check them out and enjoy.

Ubuntu website.

Mint Linux website.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Run, the Communists are coming!

GNU/Linux gets attacked from so many different angles. It is hilarious to read some of the comments and allegations that are made against it. I find one particular allegation hilarious and it equates GNU/Linux to Communists. So, here we go...

GNU/Linux is Communism! There are huge correlations between the two. There isn't one particular company that owns GNU/Linux. The GNU/Linux community is giving its software away for free. They have a communal way of thinking. This should definitely ring alarm bells to the American people. We have been fighting Communism for such a long time and here it is creeping up on us again. Do not believe the GNU/Linux community. They are plotting some kind of infiltration of their ideologies. Doesn't it make sense to take control of our computers and get into our living rooms? Get directly into our households. Linux will also run on cell phones and other gadgets. These Communists have no mercy and are willing to utilize all sorts of technologies to get to us. You should definitely stay away from GNU/Linux and don't get suckered in to their Communist propaganda. They are talking about freedom and choice. We know that Communism isn't about freedom and choice. We need to stick to what we know the best and that is Capitalism. We should thank Bill Gates and Microsoft for fighting the evil empire of GNU/Linux and their Communist plot. He is a noble knight and the bringer of light. He will save us all! Do not install GNU/Linux because if you do Lenin, Stalin and Karl Marx will be downloaded to your computer and they will watch over you and your family when you go to bed.
Lots of people say that GNU/Linux was created in Finland and America but this is not the truth at all. I heard someone say that they heard it from their neighbor that their friend of a friend has a relative that has a child that knows of evidence that GNU/Linux was created inside of the Kremlin. We thought that the Cold War was over but that was just a trick to let our guard down. Now the Soviet Union will rise up again through our computers in our homes and will take over our families and daily lives. Just look at a picture of Lenin and you will see a huge resemblance to Tux the penguin who is the Linux mascot. There is so much proof staring us right in our face. We need to be aware and alert against this propaganda. Children should not be allowed anywhere near Tux. He might look cute and cuddly but this is how they get you!

No one can give away anything for free. We know that this is not at all possible. We don't need another way of thinking, especially thinking in unique and creative ways. Let's stick to the good old ways, the good old days. Things in our society have to cost a lot of money and come pre-packaged with patents, copyrights and restrictions. How can you allow anyone to add, edit and modify things? This is preposterous and we have to stop it right away. We should alert our governments and let everyone know that the GNU/Linux community is Communist. So spread the word and let the whole world know and never ever download GNU/Linux.

Just think about all these volunteers around the world that are making the GNU/Linux project work. They are part of a community and get together to code, market and contribute in any way they can. If you know of a group gathering in your community to talk and discuss GNU/Linux maybe you should attend and watch the people closely. They could be plotting a Communist revolution or just how to get a driver to work correctly. And, never ever eat any of their free cookies they bring. Its poison! I had one and it was so good I had to have another. Oh no! The horror.

However, if you have already downloaded GNU/Linux and nothing ever happened but instead you are enjoying your free software with tons of great applications, it could mean that I might be mistaken. But I highly doubt that! Simply, GNU/Linux equates to Communism and we have to be aware of this.

Also, if you think even for a second that I am being serious, then you might have some serious issues...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Like free software? Then consider contributing.

Free and open source software is important. Most of us using GNU/Linux are familiar with a lot of great open source projects. If you find yourself using certain software on a regular basis and you really think its great then you should support it. Most open source projects have donation buttons so you can give $10 or $20 to keep development going. Ten or twenty dollars is still a lot less then you would pay for proprietary software in store. Programmers need money to continue development of great software. The open source community needs people to be part of it and contribute. If you are really pressed for cash then you can give your support by coding, graphic design or any other way you can. Most of the successful open source projects work because they have a great community that is always active and contributes. It is not fair just to take and give absolutely nothing back. So next time you see a donation button on a great project you like then click and donate. The little money that you do contribute will go a long way. Most open source projects are really good at creating great software on a shoe string budget. Sometimes it is easy to forget that there are actual human beings that are working hard on these applications. It is important for us to be aware that a lot of people have put tons of time and energy for free and open source software to be what it is today. They have given us a software revolution that benefits the users and gives as an alternative to expensive and proprietary software. Now its our turn to give back to the community through donations, programming or any other way you can. A proprietary operating system will cost you around $200, certain applications range from $50 to $600 and games around $60. So if you donate $10 or $20 you are still saving a lot of money and contributing to a great cause that gives us software freedom. Lets support free and open source software for the future generations to come.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shake up the world!

We need a change in the computer industry. Lets shake up the world by switching to GNU/Linux.

Linux - Shake Up the World - Watch a funny movie here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

And you thought Mac's are cool!

So many people like Mac's because they have great eyecandy. Mac's are expensive and use proprietary software. GNU/Linux on the other hand is completely free and features amazing eyecandy thanks to an application called Compiz. When you install it you will be able to make your desktop come alive. No more 2D dekstop computing. Compiz has some very nice effects and there are more to come in the future. Check out our screen shots below on how great GNU/Linux looks. If you want a desktop operating system like that just download one of the distributions of GNU/Linux and customize it anyway you want. The only limitation is your own creativity.


Alien Arena

Alien Arena is a free first person shooter. It has a 1950's science fiction atmosphere. You can play online deathmatch or play single player mode against bots. The game engine is open source but other content is proprietary. There are over 50 maps that you can choose from and 9 different weapons. If you are playing online you can choose from deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, deathball, team core assualt and cattle prod. There are also powerups to collect. The game features nice graphics and fast gameplay. Check out a video of the game here. To download the game go to their website.

Alien Arena site.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Urban Terror: Free Multiplayer Tactical Shooter

Urban terror is a free multiplayer first person shooter game. It is a tactical shooter and their motto is "fun over realism". The game is created by Frozen Sand and they retain rights to the game. Unauthorized modifications are not allowed. Urban Terror has good graphics but the most enjoyable part of this FPS is the gameplay. You can choose your character and then join one of the online games. The type of games you can join is free for all, Deathmatch, Survivor, Capture The Flag, Follow the leader and Bomb mode. The weapons are realistic and you have to change magazines when you run out of bullets. Make sure you watch how many rounds you have so you don't find yourself cornered and without ammunition. You have several weapons to choose from but you are limited to how much your character can carry. Every time someone dies you can pick up their gear to add to yours. The game takes a while to master especially because there are so many great gamers out there. When you get better there are a lot of leagues that you can join and play in the tournaments. Urban Terror is a popular game and has a good community of gamers. It is a nice realistic tactical shooter with good graphics. The game works well on GNU/Linux but is available for other platforms as well. Check out a nice video here. Visit their site for additional info and to download the game.

Urban Terror website.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Conky: lightweight system monitor

Conky is a free software to monitor your system. It is licensed under GPL General Public License. The current stable release is Conky is very customizable and monitors your CPU, memory, disk space, processes, system messages, battery power, temprature and many others. It is a lightweight program and will not take a lot of resources to run. Conky can display your system processes just by using plain text or different colours and fonts. To learn more about the program go to their site where you can also see some screenshots. Conky website.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Linux DC++

Linux DC++ is a direct connect client for GNU/Linux. It is free and open source software licensed under GPL General Public License. Direct connect is a p2p file sharing protocol. You can connect to a central hub and and download files from other users. It has a long history and is still quite popular today. You need to find a website such as DCHubList that lists Hubs for direct connect and than search for a particular interest of yours. If the hub is public you can connect to it and share with other users. However, some hubs require you to share a minimum of 1, 2, 5 or 10 gigs of files. You can also chat with users and maybe get that hard to find file you were looking for so long. To learn more about Linux DC++ or to download their application visit their website.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Linux Sucks

Linux is gaining momentum and people are starting to switch over to this computer operating system. I have been using GNU/Linux for years and would like to warn you about it. My conscience wouldn't allow me not to speak out about the OS. Linux is a free operating system that anyone can download and use.

Imagine, you don't have to pay a penny to get Linux to run on your computer. I know what you are thinking, is this another of those recession inventions? It will trick you into using it for a while for free and then pop up a window and ask for your credit card... But no. Linux is not like the other operating systems you normally use. It is much more evil. Not only it is for free, but it is also completely legal to download and distribute to as many people as you want. Now, when was the last time you downloaded something legally? I know, it is impossible to even think about it. Every time a security update pops up, you can actually download it without the fear that your illegal version of a program will stop functioning afterwards. Where the hell is the fun in that?!? Do you remember the thrill of looking for cracks all over the internet, and many of them often came in a combo with a nice virus that gave you something to do for the next few days? How dare Linux take that away from people? Most of the stuff with Linux works right out of the box. The popular distributions out there are very easy to install and you are ready to surf the web, edit pictures, burn cd/dvds and many other features right away. It will take time till you get used to not dishing out your hard earn cash for a simple upgrade or mediocre application. Your free word processor will not expire after 3 months of use and after saving your files in a format that nothing else can open. I miss entering the numbers of my credit card into the system every other day. I know them by heart and it pains me that I am unable to utilize this knowledge. All of this because of Linux. It has thousands of free quality applications that range from great games to audio/video editing and other professional software. This just makes you feel cheated. However, Linux has been listening to us and trying to fix this problem. With the application called Wine you can still use your expensive Windows software. Once you install it, you will be able to play all your favorite games and run other applications that you paid for so gladly in the past. But that is about the only thing that is fun about Linux. Everything else is so boring, legal and free. Hopefully one day I can get over it. I still haven't figured out what to do with the extra money I saved...

The worst thing of all is that I have lost most of my friends, namely Mike, Chris and Rob from the software store. They used to call me twice a week, ask how I was and tell me about the new software they just got. I shouldn't say that, but they would also offer me discounts if I bought several at the time. However, when they called last time, I told them that I got GNU/Linux. They were outraged. I haven't heard from them since. Linux destroys the most precious of friendships you build throughout the years. I miss you my best friends. Please, call me back sometimes.

GNU/Linux is also very customizable. That means you can change it any way you want. You are not locked in to proprietary software. It is about having freedom and no one company is dictating the rules to you. Install whatever you want, how you want and change things the way you want. No rules and no restrictions. I don't think I can handle so much freedom. I never had to make decisions for myself before.

Linux also looks really cool. If you thought Mac's were great than you will be amazed at Linux. Just install Compiz Fusion and you will be able to have amazing eyecandy. This application will give you a 3D cube, wobbly windows, expo, widget layer, 3D windows, shift switcher and many other cool effects that will make your Windows and Mac OS friends jealous. You can install any themes and icon sets you want. The only limit is your creativity. The good thing about this is that you can make Linux look like Windows and Mac OS so your friends still think you are cool as them.

Please stay away from GNU/Linux because it is a computer revolution. It is slowly changing the computer industry in major ways. Even Google is creating their own operating system that will be based on the Linux kernel. What are they thinking? Linux for the masses? Oh no! How are we going to get used to not paying hundreds of dollars for an OS. We would have to change our way of thinking and I don't think majority people are ready for that. We cannot allow this to happen. I have been using GNU/Linux for years and I still can't get used to such a great operating system. I am happy with it and the great software that I am using. Please take my warning seriously! GNU/Linux is awful and I hope you stay away from it. It is better to pay high prices for an OS that you do not like and the company will dictate to you what you can or cannot do with it, what software you can install and treat you like a criminal. If you do not take my warning seriously and will install GNU/Linux I hope that you are ready for what is to follow. Don't say I haven't warned you. Think hard about switching to GNU/Linux.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free Iphone Ringtones

The Iphone has become very popular. It is among the most sought after cell phones. If you want a very good site to download free ringtones to give your Iphone some personality than is for you. Audiko allows you to upload your own audio files and then cut them to the part that you are interested in. You can also extract audio from video files. If you don't want to create your own personal ringtone there are plenty of free ringtones available for you. Just search the site and you will find tons of them. When you find one that you like just click on download ringtone for Iphone. Make sure it is in the .m4r file format. You can then sync with Itunes and transfer these cool ringtones to your Iphone. The great thing about this site is that it is free and has a huge selection for you to choose from. You are bound to find something that you will like. Enjoy! website.

Alternatives to Google Search

Google Search is the most popular search engine. About 65% of searches go through Google. However, there are a lot of search engines out there that you should try out. There are plenty of ways to search the Internet and some of these engines have their own unique style. Below is a nice list of alternatives.

Dogpile - A metasearch engine that started in 1996

Cuil - Pronounced cool shows thumbnails with results launched in 2008

Searchme - Very nice and visual search engine check it out!

Scoopler - Another real time search engine

Lycos - Founded in 1994

Hakia - NLP based search engine

Gigablast - Real time retrieval

OneRiot - Real time search engine

AllTheWeb - Internet search engine that debuted in 1999

AltaVista - web search engine that is owned by Yahoo

Ask - Founded in 1996 and still going strong

Yahoo -  Second largest search engine

Hotbot - One of the older search engines

Twine - Collaborate and share information using Twine

Wolfram Alpha - computational knowledge engine

Mamma - The Mother of all search engines

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Google Chrome OS: We all benefit!

Some people are arguing that we don't need another Linux OS. There are plenty of great distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mint Linux, Fedora, Mandriva, Open Suse and many others. According to them, the release of a new OS will only put stress on the existing distributions.

It is true that there are hundreds of distributions in the GNU/Linux community. But the more we have the better for us all. Usually, the best distros rise to the top and the others that are not as popular slowly wither away. It gives us a huge choice and this competition creates innovation. The announcement of Google creating an OS that will be based on the Linux kernel is very important and has significant implications. Google has a lot of funding and can push the Chrome OS to many new users who have never heard of Linux before. Most GNU/Linux distributions do not have a lot of money to advertise as extensively as Google will. The advertising of Chrome OS helps to advertise GNU/Linux in general. It is true that Chrome OS will put some stress on the already established distributions but this is a minor issue if you compare it to how much good they will do for the GNU/Linux community in general. Google hasn't released anything yet and only their announcement of a OS has brought the word Linux to the masses. The news has been very popular on technology sites and many other non technology ones as well. This shows how powerful Google and its ability to market Linux really is.  Google is one company that has the power to bring GNU/Linux to a whole new level. Even if their operating system would prove to be mediocre, people can always switch to a more established distribution of GNU/Linux afterwards. A company with so much power as Google will spread the GNU/Linux project to the masses. Just making people aware of an alternative to Microsoft Windows is a huge accomplishment in itself.

So, to the people that are complaining that we don't need another OS or that it will put pressure on the existing distributions: it is important to weight the benefits of Chrome OS over its disadvantages. When Chrome OS will be released, a lot of people will at least try their operating system because it is from Google. It will attract many new users from Windows and Mac OS, introduce them to the concept of GNU/Linux and show them that alternatives are available. Then, if they are not happy with Chrome OS they can try out other established distributions. Google will play a huge and overall positive role for the GNU/Linux community. The more companies, organizations, individuals get behind GNU/Linux and promote it, the better for us all. With the introduction of Chrome OS we all benefit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Screenlets: functional eyecandy

Screenlets are small applications that you can put on your desktop. They are great eyecandy and you can change their theme, resize and also move them around your desktop. Screenlets are not only for aesthetics but are also functional little applications. You can view your CPU usage, IP address, weather, stocks, clock, search, hard disk and many others. If you are a developer you can create your own screenlets in python. To install screenlets on Ubuntu just go to Applications, Add/Remove and search for the program. Other packages are available on their site. For additional information and nice screenshots check out

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Linux can survive anywhere!

Link to the original is here.

Microsoft's monopoly crumbling

In the past, Microsoft used to be untouchable. Today, things seem to be shifting drastically. Microsoft still has a monopoly on the desktop computer market but it is being threatened from numerous sides. The latest threat is coming from Google who is creating their own operating system and competing head on with Microsoft Windows.

      We knew that one day this would happen and it has finally arrived. Will Google be able to cut away at Microsoft's monopoly in the OS market? Microsoft is a large company and has been dominant for a very long time. They have a lot of money behind them and have established contacts with hardware and software makers. It will not be an easy task for Google to take market share away from Microsoft but they will definitely try. Google is a search engine king and they too have huge financing behind them. This battle of the OS will be tough, interesting and very competitive. However, if any one will be able to compete with an established and large company such as Microsoft, it is definitely Google. They have a lot of innovation, financing, and know how to compete with an established giant.

     Microsoft's monopoly is not being threatened by Google alone. There are a lot of other companies that are trying to get more market share at the expense of Microsoft. Apple computers has been marketing their products extensively and lately they are very popular. Microsoft is definitely losing customers to Apple who makes quality hardware, stylish and easy to use computers. Apple has become a huge brand that a lot of chic individuals want. Some people are just tired of Windows and are looking for alternatives. Apple brand seems to be everywhere and is an easy switch for most users.

      GNU/Linux is also a huge threat to Microsoft. They do not have a large market share but they continue to grow and GNU/Linux is definitely picking up momentum. It is not only for hobbyist and tweakers anymore but for users of all types. Even Google's new Chrome OS will be built on the Linux kernel. Microsoft will have a hard time competing with GNU/Linux because of several factors. GNU/Linux is not only one operating system. There are hundreds of them out there and they are all unique. They appeal to different users. It is hard to create one operating system that can satisfy everyone. That is why GNU/Linux distributions have an upper hand because they can create an OS for a particular user in mind. Also, open-source software is much easier to modify than proprietary software, so it can quickly adapt to new trends. There are already some established distributions that are getting at Microsoft's monopoly on the desktop. These are Ubuntu, Mint Linux, Debian, Fedora, Open Suse, Mandriva and many others.

      Gadgets are also threatening Microsoft. Things are shifting drastically in computers and the action is not only on the desktop. A lot of people are using different gadgets to get on the web and for computing. Cell phones have become mini computers that run their own OS. Netbooks are very popular and need a lightweight operating system. Tablet computers and many other devices are running their own software and are bypassing the desktop computer and Microsoft Windows.

     Microsft's monopoly is being threatened from all sides. This is a good thing for consumers. Microsoft will not be able to charge ridiculous amount of money for their software anymore. They will have to change and adopt if they would still like to be an important player in the future. The old ways of gauging customers for huge amounts of cash is over. Today there are plenty of alternatives and customers are switching to them. Microsoft is slowly crumbling and becoming less and less relevant. Now with Google Chrome OS taking its aim directly at Microsoft, it is inevitable for this large monopoly to finally fall apart.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Freeciv: turn based strategy game

Freeciv is a multiplayer and open source turn based strategy game. It is licensed under GNU General public license and it is free to download and use. It works on Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux. You start of as a tribe leader in the past and you have to guide your people through different centuries. It is important to discover new technologies so you can advance over time. You can wage war on your opponents or create diplomatic relations with them. The key is to get your civilization to be the largest, wealthies and the most advanced. If you enjoy turn based strategy games than you should give Freeciv a try. Check out their site below.

Freeciv website.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Linux games

Linux has some really nice games. They are of good quality and are free. A lot of people complain that Linux does not have a lot of games or that they are not very good. GNU/Linux games have great graphics, lots of action and major fun factor. You can also use Wine to run your Windows games on Linux. Below is a list of games to get you started gaming on the Linux platform. Besides this list there are plenty of other games to discover.

1. Warzone 2100 - Great real time strategy game

2. Nexuiz - Amazing first person shooter

3. TORCS - 3D racing car game

4. Glest - medieval era strategy game

5. Assualt Cube - cool first person shooter

6. Yo Frankie! -  cute game and nice graphics

7. Trigger - great car rally game

8. Cube 2 Sauerbraten FPS

9. Tremulous - FPS with elemtnts of RTS

10. World Of Padman - amazing graphics

11. Wormux - Funny battle game

12. Scorched - 3D artillery game

13. FooBillard - Billiard game

14. Supertuxkart - racing game

15. Secret Maryo Chronicles - classic sidescroller game

16. X-Moto - simple graphics but lots of fun

17. Frozen Bubble - arcade game

18. Chromium - 2D arcade scroller

Moblin: OS for netbooks and internet devices

Short for mobile Linux, Moblin is an open source OS for netbooks and mobile internet devices. Built around the Intel Atom processor its focus is to minimize boot times and conserve power consumption. When you load Moblin the first thing that you see is myzone. Your myzone screen is divided into three areas. Recent activities, recent websites and recent social network updates. It is possible to customize myzone screen but it is limited. You can move your mouse cursor over the toolbar to select different tasks. After you are done the toolbar hides to give you more room to work. The toolbar includes time, date, tasks and system information. A light browser based on mozilla is also included to surf the web. There is a media player that allows you to view pictures, videos and listen to music. Moblin is a nice and lightweight linux based OS that works on netbooks and other devices. Check out their website for additional information.

Moblin website.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top Torrent Sites

There are plenty of great torrent sites out there. Torrents are a nice way to download video, audio and many different large files. Below is a nice list of torrent sites. There is bound to be one or two you will like. If you know of additional ones just leave them in the comment section.

Mininova - The Ultimate Bittorent Source

Demonoid - Private but you can download the latest torrents even without registration

ScrapeTorrent - Searches several popular torrent sites

SeedPeer - It has a verified torrent section

ISOhunt - Comprehensive bittorent search

Yotoshi - Another bittorent search engine

Torrent Reactor - The most active torrents on the web

BTjunkie - Large bittorent search

Torrent Scan - Another search engine of popular torrent sites

Sumo Torrent - Fresh torrent source

Torrentz - Nice bittorent search

Torrent Box - A very good source

MyBittorent - Advanced bittorent indexing site

Fenopy - Yet another site for torrents

Share Reactor - Indexes bittorent and edonkey P2P

Torrent Matrix - Latest bittorent files

BitTorrentShare - Share torrents

Bitenova - Add comments and rate torrents

Spynova - Indexes torrents

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

World Of Padman: Amazing FPS game

World Of Padman is a great first person shooter game. Initial release date was in 2007 and it is a free game to download. It works on Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux. It is unique from the other FPS games and it is open source. This is a cartoon style game that is very cute and has awesome graphics. There is not a single player mode implemented yet but you can go into multiplayer and add bots. You can play offline against these bots or play online against other players. There are plenty of different guns to choose from. The game is fun, fast and addictive. If you want to see a preview check out the video here. Otherwise go to their website and download WOP game. You will have tons of fun with this cute and gorgeous FPS game. Enjoy!

World Of Padman website.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Which distribution do I download?

GNU/Linux has many different distributions. There are several hundred of them and more are popping up every week. Some Linux distributions come and go very fast but others are here for the long term and have a huge following. Choosing a good distribution of GNU/Linux that fits you well is not an easy task. Initially there is a lot of effort that you have to put into if you really are looking for something compatible. The good news is that most computer users do not mind a general and easy to use GNU/Linux distribution that works well. These individuals should try the most popular distributions such as Ubuntu, Mint Linux, Debian, Open Suse, Fedora, Mandriva and PCLinuxOS. The best way to find out if you should install a particular distribution is to do some research about it. Just use a search engine to search for reviews of the distro that you are interested in. Most of the reviews are in depth and include screenshots. There are a lot of people commenting about different distros so you will have different perspectives about each one. Then, if you are interested in downloading a particular one see if a live CD is available. These are CDs of the operating system that you can load without changing anything on your computer. It will give you a nice preview of what you are about to install. If you are ready to take the plunge then install the GNU/Linux of your choice. You can dual boot which means that you will have two operating systems or just format your computer and use GNU/Linux as your primary OS. Don't forget that Linux is very customizable so that you can pretty much change anything about it. If you don't like something about your distribution you can modify it to your liking.

Some distributions of GNU/Linux are geared towards netbooks, gadgets or powerful computers. If you are running certain hardware try a distro that is compatible with it. A netbook will probably need a lightweight Linux distribution while a powerful desktop computer can utilize the more bloated versions of GNU/Linux. If you want to know which distributions are currently popular or just want a good list of all the available ones then go to The website has links to a lot of different flavours of GNU/Linux. Some people usually try out several different Linux distros before they settle on a particular one.

After trying out different distros and doing thorough research you will find out which GNU/Linux is right for you. Sometimes, it is just personal preference which one you will enjoy using the most. The good thing about GNU/Linux is that you have a lot of choice and there is bound to be one distro that fits particularly well for you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gramps: Free genealogy application

Gramps is a free geneaology software released in 2001. It is written in Python and is licensed under GNU general public license. This application works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It is available in many different languages. You can install third party plugins to give Gramps extra functions such as filters, reports, tools and many others. When you gather your data you can create, edit and store your family tree. Also, you can write notes and create events for each person that is in your family. Some examples of events would be birth, marriage, children, divorce, death etc. When you are done inputting all your information it is possible to create data and graph reports in many different formats. Gramps has a good Wiki page where you can learn how to use the program and gives you information on how to find the best sources for your genealogy research project. The website includes a .deb package for easy installation for your Ubuntu Linux. If you are interested in creating a family tree or need some help with your genealogy research than check out Gramps Wiki and their application.

Gramps Wiki

Why haven't you heard of Linux.

Majority of people have heard of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. Everywhere you go these two companies are advertising extensively. They are always in your face. On the Internet or in the real world there are plenty of marketing projects that these two companies finance. Lately, Apple has been spending a lot of money on advertising their products. They have billboards, ads in metro stations, physical stores etc. Both Apple and Microsoft are very good at marketing their products to companies and individuals. The crucial importance is that both Microsoft and Apple have millions of dollars to spend on large marketing campaigns.

Linux on the other hand is a totally different story. If you ask random people on the street about Linux they will say that they have never heard of the company or the project. Then, if you do explain something short about this great project then they ask how come Linux does not advertise. Linux is free for the most part and there is very little money to fund the development of GNU/Linux and its software. Majority of people who are working on open source software are volunteers or part time. However, some do get paid to work on GNU/Linux and its software full time but there are very few of them. The sad truth is that because GNU/Linux does not have a lot of money to advertise to the masses most people have never heard of it. It is not a brand like Apple or Windows. Nevertheless, even though GNU/Linux does not have as much advertising as other projects, it is still a great operating system for servers, desktops, laptops and other gadgets. The marketing and promotion of GNU/Linux works a little differently than the other corporate brands. GNU/Linux has enthusiastic people who promote it through word of mouth, events, videos, Blogs, stickers, graffiti and many other low budget but creative ways. Slowly but surely, even GNU/Linux is being recognized by some. Nothing easy is done over night but will come in incremental steps. The more people talk and debate about GNU/Linux, the more it is embeded in peoples minds, and it is more likely that they will try it out. Many individuals that do try out GNU/Linux are impressed by its ease of use, functionality, free software, great eyecandy and customization.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cinelerra: Professional Video Editor

Cinelerra is a professional video editor created for GNU/Linux. It is free software and is licensed under GNU General Public License. It was released in August of 2001. With Cinelerra you can capture, composite and edit audio and video. There are a lot of effects that you can do with your movies. The application supports several popular video and audio formats. Cinelerra also requires a stronger computer because you are dealing with large video files. If you want a powerful movie maker for GNU/Linux than Cinelerra is for you. Check out additional information and the screenshots at their websites.

Cinelerra: Community Version of Cinelerra

Cinelerra: Horoine Virtual