Thursday, April 30, 2009

Change your login screen in Ubuntu

Ubuntu 9.04 actually comes with a decent looking Login Window. However, if you like to change things and customize them, then you should go to Gnomelook to get some cool eyecandy. To download a new login window for Ubuntu click on GDM Themes on gnomelook. You can browse the various themes by most recent or just click on most popular. There you will find some very aesthetic looking themes. Download the login window you like the most. Then click on System, Administration and Login Window. Click on the tab that says Local. There you can add your file that you downloaded. Once you added the new theme make sure to select it. Just reboot your Ubuntu Linux and check out your cool new login screen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nexuiz: Amazing first person shooter game

If you love first person shooter games then you will enjoy Nexuiz. It is a fast paced game. The graphics are very good. You have a lot of weapons to choose from and can blast anything you see in sight. You even have multiplayer mode and can test your skills against human opponents. The game is created by Alien Trap. It is licensed under the Gnu general public license. This is a free game but it can compete with proprietary software. Nexuiz website.

Audacious: Great audio player for Linux

Audacious is a very good audio player for Linux. Think of it like Winamp for Linux. It will play your mp3 and ogg files. You can create playlists and the application supports winamp skins. So if you need a nice little audio player for your Linux, Audacious is something you should definitely try. Here is the website. Audacious

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hilarious video: Catchy and it promotes Linux

This is a funny video. It is really good and it promotes Linux. A lot of people ask how come I never heard of Linux? How come Linux does not advertise? Well, it is probably because Linux does not have billions of dollars like Windows to promote the operating system. However, Linux has dedicated people and they keep the project alive and well. Enjoy the video.

Here is the link.

Frostwire: Peer to peer application

Frostwire is a very good p2p application. It is based on Limewire but has taken on a prominence of its own. It is a good application and runs well under Ubuntu Linux. The website has a .deb file so you can download it and the installation is a breeze. You can search all kinds of files to download and share with the public. Pictures, audio, video, etc. In the recent versions of Frostwire there is support for torrent downloads. It is also important to mention that Frostwire is opensource, costs nothing, spyware and adware free.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wine: Use Windows applications in Linux.

Wine is a very good application. Lets say that you installed Linux on your computer but wanted to use Windows software. Wine is a project that allows you to do just that. You will be able to run majority of Windows software under Linux. This allows the user to have access not only to a huge library of Linux software but also to Windows software. However, we at Tuxxie believe that Linux has an alternative to almost any software you are looking for. So first give a try to Linux alternative software and if you really have to use Windows software than download Wine and you will be very impressed. One major utilization for Wine are games. Even though Linux has some very impressive games some people love their Windows games they have purchased. Wine will be able to run your Windows games under Linux. Wine 1.1.20 has just been released.

Check out the Wine project here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wikipedia: Amazing resource

Most of you already know about Wikipedia. We at Tuxxie just wanted to bring more attention to it. It is an amazing project. Wikipedia was launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. It is a free encyclopedia written by people around the world. Editing articles can be done by anyone. This kind of encyclopedia allows for large knowledge base to be available to anyone who has a computer and a internet connection. Currently Wikipedia has over 12 million articles in various languages. So feel free to search for topics that interest you. Wikipedia

Wormux: Funny battle game

Wormux is a nice little game. You have two teams. Each team comprises of several creatures. Each player takes turns and tries to kill the other by using different weapons. You can choose various levels to have your battles. Some are simple but others are tougher to get around. This game has a great fun factor especially if you are playing against a human opponent. Here is the link to the page.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Frozen Bubble: Simple and Fun game

Some games are simple but the fun factor is amazing. Frozen Bubble is one of those games. It will keep you interested for hours. The point of the game is to shoot bubbles towards other like colours. If you get three bubbles of the same colour they will pop. This game requires strategy and quick reflexes. Each level gets progressively harder as you play. The Frozen Bubble game is licensed under the GNU general public license and is free. Here is the official website. If you are running Ubuntu Linux just go to Applications and Add/Remove software and install Frozen Bubble. Have fun!

Buy Dell computers with Ubuntu

It is difficult for Linux to gain market share if computer manufacturers keep selling desktops and laptops with Windows pre-installed. Usually when people buy a computer and Windows is already on there, they will not change their operating system. If more computer manufacturers would pre-load Linux on their systems than more people would use it. Dell is a large manufacturer of computers and they are selling desktop and laptop computers with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. Check out their site and the models that are available with Ubuntu. The more awareness is made about Linux the better.

Dell website

Get deb: Installing software on Ubuntu

There are several ways of installing applications for your Ubuntu Linux. One easy and popular way is to click on Applications and go to Add/Remove software. There you have lots of great applications to choose from. You can browse by category or by most popular. There is also a good website to go to if you cannot find something in the Add/Remove software. The website is get deb. There you will find additional software. The applications are compiled in a .deb file. You can think of the .deb file as a .exe file for Windows. You download the .deb file and then install it. The site has top ten applications but you can also browse through the categories and find applications that you are interested in.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great game-Warzone 2100

If you are a fan of real-time strategy games Warzone 2100 will impress. This game works on Linux and will entertain for hours. The graphics are well done and the game play is also good. In 2004 the source code and most of its data was released under the GNU General Public License.

The game story is about a civilization that was wiped out after nuclear attacks. The survivors try to rebuild with pre-war technology. It is a 3D game. Here is the Warzone 2100 Resurrection site.

If you are using Ubuntu Linux use the Add/Remove applications to install Warzone 2100. Enjoy!

KTorrent: Download Torrents on Linux

KTorrent is a BitTorrent application. It has many features and is easy to use for novices. KTorrent is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is free software and a quality application. There has been a new version released which fixes a lot of bug issues. Try it out, we at Tuxxie believe you will be happy with KTorrent.

Check out KTorrent's new website.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

K3B: Burning software

K3B is a very good application for burning CDs and DVDs for your Linux. It is absolutely free and easy to use. You can burn data CDs/DVDs create audio CDs, copy CDs, burn CD images and ISO files. The default settings are optimized so that majority of users do not have to change any. If you are experienced or would like to play around with settings the K3B burning software has a lot of advanced features.

Here is the link to the application. K3B

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Firefox: Take back the web

There seems to be a lot of browsers out there today. However, it was not always like this. Internet Explorer used to be the most dominant on the Internet for years.

Since Firefox was released in 2004, it started to chip away at Internet Explorer market share. Today, Firefox has 22% of the web browser market which is an amazing feat. Many thought that Internet Explorer was going to be dominant forever and eat up the whole Internet. Thankfully, Firefox is taking back the web and more and more people who create websites nowadays take into consideration alternative browsers as well. Thank you Firefox.

Download Firefox for your operating system and join the revolution.

Once you are brave enough to install Ubuntu Linux or another distribution of Linux, then you should check out Openoffice. This is an office application suite. If you haven't heard of Openoffice before, think of Microsoft Office to get the idea. And, just like everything else on this blog, it is a completely free and legal software you can use. It does everything you expect from an office suite to do. Also, the Openoffice project is supported by an enthusiastic community and keeps growing and improving.
Here is the link.

Kopete-Instant Messenger

Linux has a lot of free and quality applications. If you are looking into installing and using a instant messenger app then you should try out Kopete. This application is comparable to MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger. The good thing is that you can connect to a lot of other services. Kopete will allow you to connect to MSN, Yahoo, Gadu Gadu, ICQ and others. It also supports video. So once you installed Linux and need an instant messenger to stay in contact with your friends, remember Kopete.


Monday, April 13, 2009

VLC-Media Player

There are a lot of media players out there. One of the better ones is VLC. It was initially released in 2001 by a group at Ecole Centrale Paris. Today, it is an open source project and anyone can contribute to it around the world. It is free to download and will play various formats. It is amazing how many different audio and video codecs this application can handle. This is definitely a good media player for watching videos of the Internet.  It works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is licensed under the GNU general public license.  

Here is the link VLC.

FON-La Fonero

These days a lot of households have wireless routers. One major problem is that even if your mobile device detects close-by wireless routers they are usually blocked by a security feature. One company named FON came up with a very unique idea. They are trying to open up peoples home routers by giving you access to other peoples routers around the world. In theory, this sounds great. However, so far not a lot of people are doing this and it limits the potential of such a cool service. Check out their website and let us know what you think.

Ubuntu and Graphical Themes

Even though Ubuntu is a great operating system, one major flaw that a lot of people are complaining about is that it is ugly. People do not like the brown and orange theme. Some people say it looks like "poo". Well, I agree with a lot of these people. If you have such a great open source project, why limit it by giving it such an ugly appearance?

Fortunately, Linux is very customizable. When you install Ubuntu Linux on your computer and you feel like the majority of us, make sure to visit This site has really nice Eyecandy for your Linux computer. You can make Ubuntu look really nice and cool. Friends will be envious of your operating system. Just to let our readers know, Ubuntu is going to upgrade its theme pretty soon. Probably in the next two releases. They are finally getting the hint. Aesthetics is just as important as functionality. Especially for the common user that likes to have a pretty operating system.

Skype and VOIP

VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. This pretty much means that you can have sound applications over the Internet and make free calls to people all around the world.

One of the largest and best known service is Skype. Skype first was released in August 2003 and since then it has changed the telecommunication industry. Currently, Skype has around 300 million users. This is an amazing figure. The main creators of Skype was Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. Today, Skype belongs to Ebay because it was sold by the creators in 2005. One major issue with Skype for Linux is that Skype is not being upgraded. Linux does not seem like a very high priority for the Skype team and we are long overdue for an upgrade of Skype for Linux. Neverthless, it is still an amazing piece of software that enables you to chat for free with your loved ones around the world. To download this great piece of software go to

Games and Linux,

There are a lot of great free games on Linux. Some are even at par with proprietary software. In this post I would like to focus on two great games that will keep you occupied for hours. The graphics are great and the game play is really good.

The first game is a first person shooter. It is called Nexuiz. This is a fast paced shooter that has really good 3D graphics. You also have a lot of guns to choose from and there is a multiplayer game play available once you get tired of blasting AIs.

Another great game for Linux is a strategy game called Glest. It is made by a group in Spain. If you like strategy games than this game is something that you will definitely like and should give it a try.

The link to Nexuiz is here

and Glest is at this site

Ubuntu Linux

There are hundreds of Linux distributions out there. A person can spend a lot of time going through them all. However, some distributions are much better than others. Today, Ubuntu seems to be the most popular distribution of Linux because it is easy to use. Linux was not ready for the masses until something easier came along. Ubuntu Linux was released in 2004 and since this time a lot more people switched to Linux. Ubuntu has a lot of financing behind it comparing to other distributions. The best thing is that it is completely free and has a large amount of free software that you can install. Majority of people who currently use Windows will not have a big problem changing to the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

GNU/Linux and Free software

Proprietary software is getting very expensive and takes away your freedom to copy, modify and redistribute. So, if there is an alternative to expensive software and also gives the end user additional freedom why not switch? There is a lot of free, legal and open source software out there. One of the main goals of this site is to let people know about alternatives to expensive software that tries to lock you in. We will feature open source software but also proprietary software as long as it is free or allows you to do things for free. However, we do recommend that if you do like certain software or a project that you do contribute through donations, coding, marketing or anyway you can.