Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go Open Source Or Go Home


  1. From the Philippines -- my observations are (a) Linux has a very small share and awareness in consumer and business markets, (b) Linux -- unfortunately -- doesn't appear to be growing, because (c) everyone is used to MS and (d) piracy is rampant for both the Windows operating system and key apps like MS OFfice and games for the younger demographic.

  2. Right on, lady, right on! I'm a Ubuntu user myself and a totally satisfied one at that. Just one thing, though: I don't like Firefox. I'm an Opera fan. I've been using it since version 9.0, and you may argue with me all you want that it is not Open Source, you won't change my mind. I sincerely believe, for having used Firefox (and still keeping it in the garage, so to speak), that Opera is superior by all accounts.
    And OpenOffice rocks.

  3. I'm also an Ubuntu user since 6.04 (have tried other distros, I'm just more comfortable with Ubuntu's setup). I had tried using Mandrake back in 2002, but the setup was frustrating (also didn't like/understand KDE), after that failed attempt of using GNU/Linux I changed back to Windows for several years. After a few friends suggested I try out Ubuntu, knowing that I was quite the geek, I gave it a shot. I fell in love with it. It didn't per say work "Out of the Box", but I like a challenge, so I stuck it out, and love it. I use Windows at work, but have used Ubuntu live CD's manytimes specifically for pdf2ps to remove password encryption and then ps2pdf to convert it back (awesome!). I have to say that my favorite program currently is the web browser Google Chrome. I find it is much faster than Firefox, although still currently in beta/dev it runs fantastically for what I use it for. I think that Linux will no longer be used just by "geeks/nerds" as it is slowly grabbing hold of the cellphone industry ie. Android (google), and webOS (palm). Hoping that 2010 will bring more needed attention to linux.