Saturday, September 26, 2009

Power to the user.

One great thing about Linux is that it gives a tremendous amount of power to the user. With Linux you choose one of the many great distributions that fits your needs. You can choose a distro that is filled with software or one that is lean and basic. You can modify almost anything on Linux from the GUI to the code itself. It all depends on your level of expertise or the amount of work you would like to put in. If you are just a casual Linux user there are many distributions that will work right out of the box. Others require some tweaking and setting up. However, the most important thing is that no one dictates to you what you can or cannot do. You can modify and edit almost everything. You can even create your own flavour of Linux if you choose to. The end user has a huge amount of power with Linux. No constraints or limitations, just pure freedom. With proprietary software and operating systems you do not have this freedom. You are limited by the company behind them and they are the ones who dictate the rules to you. Linux is about empowering the user and giving them freedom and choice over their software. This is crucial because a lot of companies will not take the user interests as a priority but they will rather concantrate on the amount of money a product can earn them. They will try to get as much from the user as possible and only give as little as they have to. The more limitations and constraints they place on you, the more you become dependent on their software and brand. They want to lock you in so that you will have no choice but to stay with their brand and continue to use their applications. The cost of proprietary software is high and some are just a huge money grab. It is important not to give the power to the companies but instead to the users of a product. Linux is excellent in this because the user has tremendous power. Freedom and open source are a great concept.

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