Thursday, July 30, 2009

Windows 7 cracked. Why bother?

Windows 7 was released to manufacturers and already there is a crack available. Microsoft made a comment that you should not download Windows from unathorized sources because they may have viruses, trojans, malware etc. A lot of people are using pirated version of Windows. But why pirate Windows if you can get Linux for free? The constant problems of having an illegal version of Windows running on your computer. Its hard to get security updates and the endless tweaking, plus the fact that it is illegal. Things might not work on your pirated version of Windows as you would want and upgrades are very difficult. There is no need for any of this if you switch to GNU/Linux. Why go the Windows route and complicate things? With GNU/Linux you will get a great free operating system with tons of software and security updates. There is nothing to crack because GNU/Linux is absolutely free and of good quality. So why put so much effort in cracking Windows and constantly having problems if you can download GNU/Linux and have a hassle free experience? If you will use a pirated version of Windows you will run into problems. So why bother? Just by-pass Windows all together and start exploring the wonderful world of open source software.


  1. Don't get me wrong, I like linux (Programmer), but the reason people prefer Windows to linux is 2 things:
    Games. (Linux does NOT have games anywhere near as good as Windows)
    Ease of use. I've used Linux for awhile now but it still shits me a bit, Windows is a heap easier - No denying that.

  2. The big thing is that, people that already know windows don't want to start again with some new OS, they want functionallity with they software (they own software developed some time ago and that still work on that OS)->this is most of the time <-
    here in my country the number of people using it is big, and is worse because the number of unlicenced installations is a big % of the total. The people of Ms. did a great work making the people 'dumb' in the good sense of the word, making them ultra depend of they software. People work mecanically if you take a button like 'start' and put it in the top of the window instead of the bottom, they some times acts like bloked, they don't know where to see, how learn a new tech is the trouble, not much the cost.
    I currently use the Slackware distro, it was the first that I have tested 3 years ago, and until know, because I'm curious still use it, I have test also ubuntu, suse, fedora, redhat, mepis,and now mint, but still not found a complete functionallity that meets all my needs. But as oposite, most of the people don't want be curious, they want to the system works for them always, a unespected closed or crash in they programs is not a reason for 'curiousity' like me, is a reason to fear of the software.

  3. I'll change back to a GNU/Linux Distribution once they've got all the wireless bull solved and my Wifi USB stick works without causing a kernel panic.