Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Linux games

Linux has some really nice games. They are of good quality and are free. A lot of people complain that Linux does not have a lot of games or that they are not very good. GNU/Linux games have great graphics, lots of action and major fun factor. You can also use Wine to run your Windows games on Linux. Below is a list of games to get you started gaming on the Linux platform. Besides this list there are plenty of other games to discover.

1. Warzone 2100 - Great real time strategy game

2. Nexuiz - Amazing first person shooter

3. TORCS - 3D racing car game

4. Glest - medieval era strategy game

5. Assualt Cube - cool first person shooter

6. Yo Frankie! -  cute game and nice graphics

7. Trigger - great car rally game

8. Cube 2 Sauerbraten FPS

9. Tremulous - FPS with elemtnts of RTS

10. World Of Padman - amazing graphics

11. Wormux - Funny battle game

12. Scorched - 3D artillery game

13. FooBillard - Billiard game

14. Supertuxkart - racing game

15. Secret Maryo Chronicles - classic sidescroller game

16. X-Moto - simple graphics but lots of fun

17. Frozen Bubble - arcade game

18. Chromium - 2D arcade scroller

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