Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moblin: OS for netbooks and internet devices

Short for mobile Linux, Moblin is an open source OS for netbooks and mobile internet devices. Built around the Intel Atom processor its focus is to minimize boot times and conserve power consumption. When you load Moblin the first thing that you see is myzone. Your myzone screen is divided into three areas. Recent activities, recent websites and recent social network updates. It is possible to customize myzone screen but it is limited. You can move your mouse cursor over the toolbar to select different tasks. After you are done the toolbar hides to give you more room to work. The toolbar includes time, date, tasks and system information. A light browser based on mozilla is also included to surf the web. There is a media player that allows you to view pictures, videos and listen to music. Moblin is a nice and lightweight linux based OS that works on netbooks and other devices. Check out their website for additional information.

Moblin website.

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