Friday, July 17, 2009

Linux Sucks

Linux is gaining momentum and people are starting to switch over to this computer operating system. I have been using GNU/Linux for years and would like to warn you about it. My conscience wouldn't allow me not to speak out about the OS. Linux is a free operating system that anyone can download and use.

Imagine, you don't have to pay a penny to get Linux to run on your computer. I know what you are thinking, is this another of those recession inventions? It will trick you into using it for a while for free and then pop up a window and ask for your credit card... But no. Linux is not like the other operating systems you normally use. It is much more evil. Not only it is for free, but it is also completely legal to download and distribute to as many people as you want. Now, when was the last time you downloaded something legally? I know, it is impossible to even think about it. Every time a security update pops up, you can actually download it without the fear that your illegal version of a program will stop functioning afterwards. Where the hell is the fun in that?!? Do you remember the thrill of looking for cracks all over the internet, and many of them often came in a combo with a nice virus that gave you something to do for the next few days? How dare Linux take that away from people? Most of the stuff with Linux works right out of the box. The popular distributions out there are very easy to install and you are ready to surf the web, edit pictures, burn cd/dvds and many other features right away. It will take time till you get used to not dishing out your hard earn cash for a simple upgrade or mediocre application. Your free word processor will not expire after 3 months of use and after saving your files in a format that nothing else can open. I miss entering the numbers of my credit card into the system every other day. I know them by heart and it pains me that I am unable to utilize this knowledge. All of this because of Linux. It has thousands of free quality applications that range from great games to audio/video editing and other professional software. This just makes you feel cheated. However, Linux has been listening to us and trying to fix this problem. With the application called Wine you can still use your expensive Windows software. Once you install it, you will be able to play all your favorite games and run other applications that you paid for so gladly in the past. But that is about the only thing that is fun about Linux. Everything else is so boring, legal and free. Hopefully one day I can get over it. I still haven't figured out what to do with the extra money I saved...

The worst thing of all is that I have lost most of my friends, namely Mike, Chris and Rob from the software store. They used to call me twice a week, ask how I was and tell me about the new software they just got. I shouldn't say that, but they would also offer me discounts if I bought several at the time. However, when they called last time, I told them that I got GNU/Linux. They were outraged. I haven't heard from them since. Linux destroys the most precious of friendships you build throughout the years. I miss you my best friends. Please, call me back sometimes.

GNU/Linux is also very customizable. That means you can change it any way you want. You are not locked in to proprietary software. It is about having freedom and no one company is dictating the rules to you. Install whatever you want, how you want and change things the way you want. No rules and no restrictions. I don't think I can handle so much freedom. I never had to make decisions for myself before.

Linux also looks really cool. If you thought Mac's were great than you will be amazed at Linux. Just install Compiz Fusion and you will be able to have amazing eyecandy. This application will give you a 3D cube, wobbly windows, expo, widget layer, 3D windows, shift switcher and many other cool effects that will make your Windows and Mac OS friends jealous. You can install any themes and icon sets you want. The only limit is your creativity. The good thing about this is that you can make Linux look like Windows and Mac OS so your friends still think you are cool as them.

Please stay away from GNU/Linux because it is a computer revolution. It is slowly changing the computer industry in major ways. Even Google is creating their own operating system that will be based on the Linux kernel. What are they thinking? Linux for the masses? Oh no! How are we going to get used to not paying hundreds of dollars for an OS. We would have to change our way of thinking and I don't think majority people are ready for that. We cannot allow this to happen. I have been using GNU/Linux for years and I still can't get used to such a great operating system. I am happy with it and the great software that I am using. Please take my warning seriously! GNU/Linux is awful and I hope you stay away from it. It is better to pay high prices for an OS that you do not like and the company will dictate to you what you can or cannot do with it, what software you can install and treat you like a criminal. If you do not take my warning seriously and will install GNU/Linux I hope that you are ready for what is to follow. Don't say I haven't warned you. Think hard about switching to GNU/Linux.


  1. I hate Linux coz now i've to think were to waste that money i normally gave to Microsoft. Wait! I just remember, i made decision in June - i'll give a tiny sum every month to UNICEF.

    Computing is perhaps nowadays little bit boring coz excitement of viruses and other malwares have gone away. And no blue screens and fatal errors. Linux sucks!

  2. Wow, sarcastic!!

  3. Everything true, except the title :)

  4. My english is bad but i've read this article fluently.
    good boy

  5. You forgot the bit about hardware compatibility.

    With Linux, once it works, it keeps on working, so no orphaned hardware to justify replacing when you update the OS.... I have to wait for hardware failures before I can buy new gear now. My scanner is nearly ten years old. Got it from a friend who moved to XP and was able to buy a new scanner because this one stopped being supported with 98SE.

  6. You forgot another very important reason to avoid Linux, your old hardware continues to work after an OS upgrade! Nothing I hate worse than having my current hardware set continuing to work after upgrading the OS. That means I have to keep running my old hardware set instead of getting to buy some shinny new hardware :-)

  7. What a rant! Perfect for the poor soul that brags with no argument.

    It's only a matter of time. Critical mass is almost there.

  8. Notice: There are no flaming responses from trolls here. Put a pro-Linux post under a pro-Linux title, you're getting attacked like it was life and death.

    Very clever!

  9. its even more dangerous. at some point one gets addicted to it. it infects your brain with knowledge like "what is a partition" and "why does something work the way it works?". i lost all my 1337-gangsta-hax0r feelings that i had with windows when i used cracks or disassemblers. Now i most of the time use linux for work...
    damn you linux! you democratically communistic penguin product!

  10. you do know you can also legally download a vast number of Windows applications FOR FREE, including FOSS appls, wordprocessors, you name it, (you did).

    So with Windows you can use all that is available for windows and basically all that is available for Linux. FOR FREE.

    So again, why would you ever want to use Linux, its old, its clunky, and if you use it you lose the advantage of having windows and all its apps, and massive app base, and you are restricted to only using apps available for linux. Which are few a well lacking in quality. (lets be honest here please).

    One day you guys will realise that free is not everything, and if your product is free and crap it wont fly. Linux has been going over 17 years now and UNIX far longer. and Yet still your on the bottom of the pool and you see to be very still ?

    the other main problem is the linux "community" its degenerated into a cult, and zealots, who think the universe revolves around Linux.

    (or is that GNU/Linux)

    Anyway, it has a long way to go, and it does not seem to be actually moving forward at all.

  11. "So again, why would you ever want to use Linux, its old, its clunky"

    Old and clunky? I just switched from windows and my gnu/linux distro compares favorably.

    "and if you use it you lose the advantage of having windows and all its apps, and massive app base, and you are restricted to only using apps available for linux. Which are few a well lacking in quality. (lets be honest here please)."

    All the apps I've tried worked great and none have crashed so far. And there are enough that I don't miss the windows apps.

    'the other main problem is the linux "community" its degenerated into a cult, and zealots, who think the universe revolves around Linux."

    I just happen to perfer it. Not exacty a zealot....

    "(or is that GNU/Linux)"


    "Anyway, it has a long way to go, and it does not seem to be actually moving forward at all"

    If you bothered to look you'd see that linux has gained better awareness and adoption. Not to mention improvements to the software itself.

  12. Linux really does suck!!! My Mom won't let me buy a new computer now because my old one just keeps on working. The even more unfortunate part is that my Mom is a Software engineer herself who really uses and programs on Linux everywhere she goes. She won't even buy a cell phone if its not based on Linux in some way. That also means that, that cell phone will probably be a hand me down from her to me since nothing Linux based quits working.
    Damn YOU Linux!!! Thanks for ruining my life.

  13. It's interesting that the only anti-linux/pro-windows argument here seems to have been writing by someone on crack cocaine. It is a testement to how far linux has really come.

    Linux might seem old ( despite it's relative youth ), but I'd think of it's more old and wise, rather than old and clunky. To paraphrase Issac Newton, Linux sees further than others, because it stands on the shoulders of giants. Apple saw this benefit when they based OSX on FreeBSD.

    Almost every windows "innovation", seems to have been based on things that Linux have had for years. Therefore tbe linux versions are much more stable.

  14. And Linux is horrible if you want new hardware. My 4 years old computer still works perfectly and is still fast enough for any software. I had to stop throwing money in new hardware every year because of Linux.

  15. "the other main problem is the linux "community" its degenerated into a cult, and zealots, who think the universe revolves around Linux."

    I know, like totally! Why would I ever deal with the Linux 'community' when I can stay with the cult of Micro$oft?! They TOTALLY get me, and know better than I do about what I run and how I run it! I mean really, when I look back on it, why did I ever think I needed more than three desktop schemes, or want to use that piece of hardware I was using for years???

    Honestly, Ballmer really does know best!

  16. Linux is such a revolution. To bad my favorite software maker Adobe doesn't get it. Most professional photographers, like myself can't be part of this amazing revolution. To bad!. Guess it's not that big after all.

  17. You forgot a important one!
    I really miss the reboots, could get some coffee or something to eat.
    And it simply don't crash, dammit!

  18. its horrible that it allows your youth to get into programming and computers at a younger age because the old machine u used can now be handed down to if u want a new machine just hand the linux one down to the next generation but make sure the new machine has linux its opens not for profit groups to technology that is lower cost compared to trying to outfit the whole group with winblows

  19. I would say the anti-linux commenter (the real one) is not on crack cocaine, but on (lotsa) Budweiser beer. Cheap, watered down (nice can); it's best used when washing down Big Macs and supersized fries. And it makes him happy.

  20. I agree, Linux sucks. I miss not having to fight virus' and getting rid of malware all the time. I miss not having to defrag my hard drive. I especially miss the blue screen of death. Oh, the memories!!

  21. @ Penguin Pete

    Run! The anti-linux trolls have found us, AAArrrrhahahaha! That tickles!

  22. "Linux is such a revolution. To bad my favorite software maker Adobe doesn't get it. Most professional photographers, like myself can't be part of this amazing revolution. To bad!. Guess it's not that big after all."

    Have you tried the GIMP and Inkscape, among various others?

  23. Yeh! I agree, linux sucks; it keeps telling me that my ntfs partition has bad sectors and is failing and every time I boot into Fed-11, this nag box pops up saying that my drive is about to bite the dust; yet windows still boots fine, checkdisk finds nothing wrong, even after many times trying. I think that Linux is just trying to make me spend more money on getting another unreliable 350GB HDD. (Where am I going to back all that data to? That's more DVD-RWs than I possess.)

    See, there's that frig?@# nag box again... now I'll just reboot into wind.............. Oh-oh, its doing a checkdisk....., now it's rebooting...... Damn, it's just blue screened. See, windows doesn't suck, it's just.. well.. dead.

  24. "Have you tried the GIMP and Inkscape, among various others?"

    Maybe Cinepaint.. I mean, I've been using it for years to touch up B&W and colour slides in 16bpp and 32bpp for 4-5 years now, and that many levels of gradient is just sooo much more pleasing for me. If its good enough for cinematic work, then it should work wonders for print work. Or do you just want the 8bpp (which is fine for print) and all the artistic shortcuts? Final composition is still a skill, no matter how you look at it (pun intended).

  25. Hey! it's not always FREE. I couldn't do a large download and a company online actually charged me almost $5 Bucks for the CD plus postage. Would you belive such a Ripoff. I had to raid my change jar just to get a new operating system.

  26. Quote: "Have you tried the GIMP and Inkscape, among various others?"

    Yes, but I prefer Adobe products. It's the standard in the professional photography world. There isn't an Adobe After Effects replacement for Linux. Also Adobe products integrate very well with each other. The Adobe Creative suite is a great product. I also like using Adobe Lightroom 2. I tend to use that more than Photoshop CS4.

  27. yeah linux sucks it does not blue screen whenever i bring my laptop out of standby. it also has no major malware so theres no fighting any epic battles with it like on windows.

  28. GIMP and Inkscape are pretty powerful, and I use them all the time, but they just aren't quite as powerful as Adobe products--which are more or less the industry standard.

    However, there is hope. Adobe does have a (somewhat buggy) Flash Player for Linux--thus they aren't ignoring it completely. At some point, Adobe will realize that Linux users are people that actually *do* have money to burn (because Linux users save so much by getting their OS for free!), and release their line of software products for GNU/Linux-based operating systems.

    And once Adobe, with their line of industry-standard products, develops for Linux, all the other software vendors will suddenly be racing towards the free operating system.

  29. You forgot to mention the hours of fun you miss out on playing "Hunt the driver disc" when you have to format and reinstall Windows, because you know how Windows detects none of your hardware unless you've got the drivers for every single piece of hardware. Boring old Linux detected everything straight off from the installation CD last time I installed it. Where's the fun in that, I ask you?

  30. Some is better, some is not.

    It has to be REALLY better, and familiar. Even more better and even more familiar. This is hard for developers to accept. It can't even be, just, just as good. Resistance is futile. The question is, how long?

    For those who still convince themselves it's not a battle, that, right there, is the major problem.

  31. Linux sucks cause it takes away the bitterness of seeing a blue screen of death crash and not being able to do anything but spend hours or days reinstalling the entire OS; because it takes away the uncertainty of what to do in a real big crash; because it empowers you to be able to break down the entire system and narrow down where the problem is coming from instead of paying $250 to have someone tell you to "scan for viruses and if that doesn't work then reinstall the OS". LOL.

  32. Thanks to Linux I am stuck with two ancient 8 year old computers that have 1ghz Athlons cpus and only 1 gig of ram in each of them.
    They are working so well with PCLinuxOS 2009.1 that I can't make a good case for getting rid of them.
    I sure wish Linux would become more like Windows so I would have to buy modern computers.

  33. This is so damn true!
    This evil OS made me forget a lot of things! I can't remember "my" Windows XP serial number anymore ... (Making a lot of NOT SO LEGAL installations frequently can make you remember those 25 bytes XD)

    I'm sure they plan world domination .. how else could you explain they're givin CD's away FOR FREE!!!!!!!! (

    I'm afraid :$

  34. Excellent article! Been writing pretty much the same thing for years, but no one will listen to me. Hopefully, people will start to listen.
    For example at my company, how many services and servers are now open source. No more money into the coffer of M$. How many old laptops are now open source workstations?! None of which require anti-malware control, but which are scanned by - OMG! open source software!!!
    But to my great chagrin, there is one very personal and negative result. There is that one grandmother out there who I set up with a Linux computer some 5 years ago!!! She has never updated or anything, and I found out recently that she is still using it! The point being that, if I had only set her up with a Windows machine, I can only imagine how much money I would have made cleaning up, trying to speed up, updating, etc. her computer. I recount this story to other individuals, but they just can't get off their M$ addiction. But then, more spare money for me!

  35. Lol, i loved it. Euh, i have no firewall on my linux and no AntiVirus on my Linux, is that a problem :P

  36. linux sucks because they are a bunch of amateurs (some of these "amateurs" work for ibm, oracle, intel, ...) that give away all the code (os+apps++)... you can tweak it, recompile it or make a new distro out of it! even create a fork for an app. damn! i don't like the smell of freedom... i don't like being a part of a community that every effort is reflected on the benefit of all of its members...

  37. I have to wonder how anyone can call a Linux-based system "old". Ext3, now ext4, btrfs, Beryl-compiz-fusion, KDE4, what isn't new!

    Is it old because there are people who maintain the Open-Look Window Manager, Xclock, Xmag and many other tools with which I learned GUI UNIX in 1992?

    Is it old because Linux is packaged with an actual, functional, useful shell (or 8), which can be used to effectively and efficiently run the system without a GUI if that's what the owner wants?

    Is it old because Linux is usually packaged with a selection of GUIs, rather than just one?

    Is it old because the most up-to-date neato-gnarly plasma compiz-fusion 3-D multi-desktop effects run beautifully on 8-year-old hardware (mine)?

    Is it old because the same application binaries and hardware from 14 years ago run just fine on the latest kernel, and the latest Linux kernel, if you need it to, can still be booted from floppies?

    Is it old because Linux is a ground-up networked multi-user system with functional security and privilege separation, rapid response to security issues and complete transparency of the development cycle AND underlying code of every single application, driver, and the kernel itself?

    Could it be that a Linux system is called "old" merely because that is one of the talking points in the Microsoft Astroturfers Handbook?

    Oh, darn, I've broken the original post's metaphor.

    Linux sucks because in order to run Linux one has to want to run Linux. Preinstallation means I don't have to be able to think to use a computer. When Linux starts being pre-installed on commodity hardware, life for the unthinking is going to suck so very much more.

  38. Excellent piece of "tongue in cheek" or "inspired sarcasm" i can't decide which. It makes my trawling thru Linux articles for education purposes more entertaining especially when you need a good laugh these days. Keep up the good work.

  39. Here is one small yet very big thing Microsoft could learn (or maybe they can't) from Linux: please make the double-click on an icon to start the app work right. In many cases nothing happens, and even when it does, there is this pregnant pause as you see nothing whatsoever happening to tell you that you have actually accomplished something.

  40. I hate Linux (I really do).

    Today, I reinstalled an almost-dead Windows box for my ex-girlfriend, and earned some extra cash by simply removing a funny trojan and installing an anti-virus for a neighbor. It's Sunday, and it makes me feel good.

    Now, what happens if they suddenly switch to Linux for browsing the Internet and watching movies? Do I earn any $$$? No. Will they call me every 3 months to do the same thing over and over? I don't think so.
    I know the Windows serial by heart, even though I never install it on my computer.

    I love Linux. The community helps me every day and nobody asks for something in exchange. I help other users whenever they need, and it feels so good... I use Linux at work, and it makes me more productive.

    Why?! Why does it have to suck so much?

  41. "people are starting to switch over [to linux]"
    show me evidence

    "linux is completely legal to download and distribute"
    not every distro in countries, where there are patents on algorithms, linux mint for example, gNewSense should be legal, also there many free software apps for windows

    "you can download security update without worrying it will screw your system"
    it depends on distro, more recent packages are less stable, you can't have both

    "with wine you will be able to play all your favorite games"
    wine supports small subset of actuall windows games and apps, and if it runs it can often crash or run badly

    "everything else [except apps and games run through wine] is so boring legal and free"
    to have legal (in some countries) dvd playback you have to buy lindvd or codecs from fluendo, this applies to many codecs

    "with compiz-fusion you will have amazing 3d eye candy"
    but forget about watching videos with compiz enabled, and also check if your graphics card will run compiz

    What about standby, hibernation, wifi, external monitor?

  42. great stuff, we need more people out there warning people of the woes of linux use before they get in over their head.

  43. Dear Mr. Photographer:

    Just goes to show that Linux isn't for everybody. Just like BSD and OS X and Windows and OS/2 and BeOS and... and...

    But just because it's not for anybody doesn't mean it's not for anybody, or even a lot of bodies.

    "Guess it's not that big after all." Based on what? Your personal need for one application? You can't draw a curve from a single point.

    Seriously. If it's not for you, say so; nothing wrong with that. But trying to suggest that it's universally useless because it doesn't fulfill your personal needs is just judgemental and self-centered.


  44. There is one problem Linux should avoid right now:

    -> Self complacency

    There are some technical points in which Linux falls behind Windows or MAC OS X. They fall into two categories:

    1) The ones due to INERTIA: mostly vendor driver supports/specs & Sw vendor support for certain apps. This cannot be solved just yet, not directly at least. This is NOT Linux/FOSS fault after all, but nº 2 is...

    2.1) 2D&3D support/Graphics problems, bad driver support (Intel, ATI and others) DUE to the major X rewrite that is giving as 1-2year of graphics bugs an performance regressions. and Intel are not helping Linux a lot with all the time its taking them to release drivers that perform just like the Windows ones... or even just as the old linux ones USED TO perform.

    2.2) The audio support mess, the war of ALSA vs OSS4. Instead of making it just work for the end user, they fight each other while users have to setup MANUALLY one or the other depending of which one works best or suck less in their hardware.

    I hope Google Chrome OS helps with this, they (Google) will have to fix both the Linux Graphics and Audio stack or there will be no way they can be successful on the desktop, even marginally/"at a niche" as it seems they intend to be.

    Once Linux is really multimedia reliable we can start to focus in fighting the Windows INERTIA so that there is real competition on the OS market.

    I don't want/expect to convert all my friends to Linux or out of Windows in the coming years, I would just be happy if non-windows options were 40-60% of the market so that me and anyone don't have to wait for a device support your OS, be forced to buy a PC with an OS that you don't want to use or boot into an OS you don't like just to use a particular application that is not ported (or supported) in my favourite OS.

  45. Windows sucks!

    Windows sucks, it is too easy to use and I spend my time actually doing the things I want to do in life, leaving no time at all for all the techy stuff I used to love, to install FF3 I could spend hours installing GTK2.10, editing my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, edit my icewm menu, hours of messing about with graphics card drivers just to get a display. With Windows it's just one click, that's no fun at all...

    Windows sucks, Linux FTW!

  46. I love linux, its everything i need from a computer os. The best thing in my opinion is that it runs on older hardware. I was sick for all that work i had to do when i was using win xp (all that virus/malware scanning/removing and defragmentation). My xp install started to slow over the years of usage and thats why i dont use it anymore and switched to linux. Now im using only linux and when i have to help my mother with her windows notebook its pain for me to use it.

  47. "but forget about watching videos with compiz enabled, and also check if your graphics card will run compiz"

    Yep! 5-6 yr old system- 3 simultaneous video streams (2x Big Buck Bunny (HD version) & 1x music divx), all running full screen on three sides of compiz desktop hexagon, playing without frame drop even with cube zoomed out to show all three at once. (Mint Elyssa on dual AMD MPX 2800+, nVidia 750XGL graphics, dual boot with Fedora-11).

    What about standby, hibernation, wifi, external monitor? Don't personally care for standby, or hibernation (keep my page file small); wifi- yep again; external monitor (used dual monitors for years (from day one for this system)- yep- under Fedora-11, monitor setup was automatic.

  48. I'd like to bring something up if I may... I have to say I hate Linux's stability and security, however I don't mind the fact that several amazing features are being left out when the code is available.

    I'm talking about having a real-time kernel as default for faster (in many cases recommended) gaming, and for us audio engineer guys who hate to use Ardour; and for the state of audio at the moment where we seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. We seem to be doing a Microsoft with audio by putting a patch over a patch over a patch (OSS > ALSA w/OSS compatibility > Pulse over ALSA w/OSS Compatibility). When will we take Apple's lead over how to make a reliable, low-latency multipurpose audio stack? Then I'll hate how I don't need the latest greatest sound card to create great music!

    BTW, I love your post :)

  49. It's hilarious how linux zealots use 10 year old Windows knowledge against 10 second old linux knowledge when comparing the two systems. Virus? Malware? Crash? Reboot? What are those things? I haven't seen anything like that for at least 5 or 6 years.

    Since XP SP2, through Vista and now Windows 7, the software is a joy to work with as it just gets out of the way and lets me do my job. I don't care about seeing the code, that has zero value to me. I don't care about a gazillion ways to customize the system, that has zero value to me. I don't care about compiz and jiggly windows, that has zero value to me. I don't care about (insert favorite FOSS cliche here) as that has zero value to me.

    I want it to work when I turn it on, I want it to be compatible with a gazillion different software programs, I want it to be familiar and not require a completely new way of working and I want to be able to use anyone else's system, or any kiosk or internet cafe without having to think about which distro it is and where the hell things are..

    All of that has infinite value to me.

  50. "also there many free software apps for windows"

    What's the point of having free software on windows when windows itself is proprietary software?

    "wine supports small subset of actually windows games and apps, and if it runs it can often crash or run badly"

    In my experience games run just fine. And there are plenty of good native linux games.

  51. Window$ is bad for it's price, not for it's capacity. That's all.
    And what zealots persuing is the freedom of the Gnu/Linux.
    In fact, computer is only a tool to do what we want, unless the os is it to some.
    I love linux, love freedom and people who loves freedom too.

  52. Wow. It took until Sunday morning for the astroturfers to show up.

    "What about standby, hibernation, wifi, external monitor?"

    They work great, thanks for asking. Make sure to correct your astroturf handbook.

  53. I don't think Linux sucks, but... it took away my social life. ;-;

    Seriously: Well, everything always (eventually) worked for me... but again, the only apps I really use are Web browser, media player, plain text editor and GIMP...

  54. "It's hilarious how linux zealots use 10 year old Windows knowledge against 10 second old linux knowledge when comparing the two systems."

    I just switched from windows a few days ago. With that in mind......

    "Virus? Malware? Crash? Reboot? What are those things? I haven't seen anything like that for at least 5 or 6 years".

    windows still has problems with those things. I have experienced the first three this past week.(hence the switch to Linux)

    "I want it to work when I turn it on"

    My distro was easy to install, and has booted perfectly each time.

    "I want it to be compatible with a gazillion different software programs"

    linux is compatible with a ton of software already.

    Do you work for microsoft or something? That's the only logical reason I can think of for posting false info.

  55. LINUX is Still The Best then win, I love linux yoooooooooo

  56. I agree totally. LInux sucks is a bad bad way.
    All this free games, apps, and programing languages. And freedom.
    It all sucks and i can handle it.
    I prefer to be a mindless drone.

  57. Linux is good if you have no money and lots of time – cuz you have to go through hell to find a program that actually works, but they are out there… sometimes. Windows and OS X are good if you have money and don’t want to waste your time.

    I’ve found that the whole open source software cult is real good at propaganda and false advertising. Open source products tend to have a nice big checklist of all the wonderful things the software can do, but then when you actually try to do something it crashes or doesn’t do it right.

    Take FFMPEG for example – the latest half fiasco for me. Now, this is a very good open source package and it’s hard to find even commercial software with its flexibility. Yet, it also demonstrates the problem with open source. I want dvr-ms support – that’s right, a Microsoft format. Well, FFMPEG had it. Some guy busted his ass putting it in back in 2007. What happens? It got clobbered by all the other programmers working on FFMPEG. It worked in 2007, it doesn’t work in 2009. And the FFMPEG community knows it, but the guy who did dvr-ms is now working for a living and no one else will look into it. I mean it’s not even like they need to add something, they just need to figure out why the thing broke. How hard can that be? Very hard with open source, cuz you got every Tom, Dick and Harry messing with the source.

    Anyway, I use open source, but only when it truly saves me money by not wasting hours upon hours of my time. Needless to say, I don’t use Linux anymore – that was a complete waste of time. But, I do use a 2007 copy of FFMPEG, Handbrake and sometimes Firefox (which wasn’t originally open source BTW).

  58. open source is just for techies. I cannot believe they still take potshots at mac and windows 7. thank god, i left the linux insanity a while ago.

  59. Suspend/resume works properly? Really? Maybe it works for you.

    If you want to find out what was f*cked up, look what has been improved recently.

    what about irq problem solved just recently in 2.6.30? What about proper modesetting after resume which needs kernel mode-setting also available only with recent kerenels?

    LKML: "Rafael J. Wysocki": [GIT PULL] PM changes for 2.6.30

    LKML: Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.30

    LKML: Jesse Barnes: [RFC] enhancing the kernel's graphics subsystem

    ps. I'm gentoo user. Saying that everything works is not fair with people who wish to try linux.

  60. Windows is seeing the light. (well maybe not) but they did contribute code to linux because they know that their virtulization software will not have a chance without it being able to play nice with Linux. Linux will win in the end. Also I am running 3 external monitors, a wifi card on my desktop and even my router has linux. I have not problem with printing or doing anything. Linux has come a long way in the last few years and I think its more than ready for the mainstream.

  61. Meh. Everyone likes what they are comfortable with. I've been using Windows for years and years and have no complaints. Who gets viruses and crashes all of the time? Probably people constantly on Pirate Bay and/or messing with the registry, drivers, etc. I mean, you have to be completely retarded to mess up a fully updated XP system as it is pretty foolproof.

    Honestly, I think Linux "sucks" because I "suck" at Linux. I tried Linux a few times but I found it to be more trouble than its worth--as another poster said it is for techie types. Last year, I wasted several evenings on trying to get Ubuntu working on my laptop until I finally gave up and I consider myself a pretty smart guy who has been working on Windows computers for years. Linux is certainly not intuitive to someone without a hard computer background or an understanding of how to "talk" to computers.

    In my experience, Linux forums are populated with people who aren't very "welcoming" either and tend to be really insulting and condescending if you need help with basic setup. It's very hard to find people who will talk to you, assuming you know NOTHING about "kernels" "shells" "roots" etc., and actually helping you. This is probably because it is FREE and no one has any reason to help you. At least when you buy a product, a business has some duty to help its paying customers.

    Linux is certainly objectively superior in many ways, but it still hasn't caught on with people like me: long-time Windows users. I have no reason to switch. Firefox and Open Office are free and all I need for most things. If there was a nice, user-friendly, entry-level, Linux OS that was foolproof than I would consider it. But then it probably wouldn't be Linux.

  62. I've spent some days on Linux now, and while I already consider it clearly superior to Windows, I just can't switch because it won't run my favorite games and little nerdy obscure "Windows only" programs reliably. Sad but true.

    "Linux is certainly not intuitive to someone without a hard computer background or an understanding of how to "talk" to computers."
    Nonsense. People that are very used to Windows and the Windows ways of doing things will have a hard time adapting to Linux, that's all.

  63. Ok first off linux does suck. yes it does suck and here's a list of reasons why.

    1. Unless you are really good at firewalls and i mean really good your going to have a hell of a time configuring one such as guarddog. The easier ones like firestarter just arent that good. And also you have to know exactly how to configure iptables, ipchains, and pf filters for bsd through the terminal which is a pain.

    2. their firewalls don't come with any intrusion detection system. that has to be installed seperate ie. snort and the rule set of oink downloaded seperately. Mostly everything has to be ran through the terminal through commandlines instead of simple easy to use graphical interfaces. and their snort isnt that good compared to the windows intrusion detection systems of norton or zonealarm

    3. there is no all in one security suite features for firewall and antivirus like norton or zonealarm have. instead with linux you have to have at least 2 or MORE programs just for your security settings and not counting your antivirus settings

    4. antivirus such as clamav for linux suck. you need to use either avast or avg for linux and thats all they offer you for really good antivirus programs.

    5. YES you can catch a linux virus even if your logged in as a standard user. When i ran mandriva last year in 2008 i caught the LKM trojan on my system and had to format the whole drive and start over. So you may not catch viruses as quickly but when you do they cause extensive amounts of damage to your system which can be unrepairable. Most rootkits are designed this way as was the case with the LKM trojan. A rootkit designed virus very hard to eliminate.

  64. 5. On bsd systems and some if not all linux there is a lack of drivers for a lot of hardware. My kodak all in one printer does not have any drivers for linux support and my logitech digital web cam does not have any drivers either or linux support to run this piece of hardware.

    6. Sound cards or sound devices such as onboard 7.1 built in sound on motherboards don't always work UNLESS EXTENSIVELY CONFIGURED. The first year i installed pclinuxos i had massive sound issues where i could not get sound to work. It took 3 weeks and numerous complaints on different forums to find a solution to this problem.

    7. There is absolutely no help service available to anyone who can physically take your linux machine and troubleshoot it ie geeksquad or pcw. Finding someone who has more knowledge of any working linux or bsd machine is extremely hard to find because there is a huge lack of physical support for it, BUT if you do find someone who works on it they will cost at least 125 to 150 an hour or even up to 2000 for an overnight job on the machine. Its not like you can take it over to joe's pc repair down the street and tell them something is wrong and they can trouble shoot it for you either.

    8. The whole safe mode feature sucks compared to windows because you still have to run everything through the commandline and nothing through a graphic interface.

  65. 9. Up until recently KDE was the most unstable desktop enviorment used for both linux and bsd platforms. It had constant bugs and constant crashes and constantly needed to be patched or fixed

    10. The linux kernel gets changed at least once every two weeks in the open source community by some novice who thinks they know how to code and improve upon something but they don't and only makes flawed changes to script making it worse. There is no approval board who reviews code and decides if it is acceptable or not. At least bsd has the approval board to decide if the code is stable enough to use before pushing it out to the general public for use.

    11. The drivers for any bsd system are even worse than that for linux. There are fewer drivers for bsd than for linux such as printer, webcam, soundcard, videocard and sometimes even network adapter cards. Desktop BSD is the worst when it comes to driver issues. You can't even get a direct internet connection when your plug is connected directly to the motherboard, thats how lack of drivers there are for bsd.

    12. The video card drivers for both linux and bsd arent nearly as good quality as they are for windows.

  66. 13. The only way to run any video games is through wine or some other type of emulator, but in order to run it properly you would have to remove wine from the Z path or root directory so you dont catch any other .exe crap files you dont want to pick up and have placed in your root file system. And if your going to run wine for things like gaming or other software you cant find on linux or bsd your better off just running windows.

    14.Setting up the media players for fedora and for opensuse is a nightmare. unless your running mandriva or pclinuxos or even pcbsd your pretty much screwed. You'll be having to download the stuff from third party sites and having to run the risk that some package will break on you while your making and building the file.

  67. 15. Packages break and dependency packages are missing aka dependency hell. Making any package doesnt always run as smoothly as you plan. Unless your running bsd or gentoo you run the 50/50 risk that it will either work and no packages will be broken or not have any dependency issues or it wont work and you'll have to spend the next two hours trouble shooting where something went wrong.

  68. I would gladly pay to use windows and the other software, £600 for MS office is a bargain. Jesus Christ it's a steal, no wonder it sells. I would pay hundreds of pounds for a windows license.

    My time is just to precious. Linux makes sense if you're a broke student earning nothing.

    When your actually earning a days wage, it makes sense spending £50 on an OS that doesn't need you to spend days (5 days in vi at £200/day soon adds up) doing some of the software development yourself. Windows lets me do my job. Guess what... I'm a software developer!

    MS shareholders get rich. So what. Buy some shares yourself if you feel left out.

    It means I can spend my time writing something someone will pay for, instead of finishing off the bits some schoolboy got bored with an gave up on!

    Because the software I write runs on windows, I can actually afford to feed my kids, which is handy in the winter.

    Linux has been a success, in the sense that is, and continues to be a monument to wasted talent and time. People who might have written useful code in a commercial environment, but instead have wasted their efforts producing junk.

    It's nothing compared to reactOS, how it makes me laugh.

    (Don't get me wrong, linux works great on a server.)

  69. we used to live in full with warnings environment: security warning, health warning, travel warning, u name it..and using OS that never warn us about computer security and anti virus warnings makes me feel awkward and asks too myself : "am i dreaming?how live can be so comfort?" this kind of question makes me crazy!!

  70. Linux is SMART & friendly, I love you LINUX.

  71. I've used linux for a long while, and I've gotten sick of it. I want it to fucking work, jesus. I don't care about using the cli as long as I don't have to google forums and browse through thousands of files. I want it to mount my DAMN mp3 player right, so when I type mount -rw it mounts it as read and write not read only, so I can't write my music to it and I have to browse forums just to fix the damn thing...
    It has sucked my life, taking time away from me, compiling and trying to get shit to just work. I'm trying to learn keyboards and this just sucks my life more... it's the truth.

  72. Indeed, linux sucks. I miss my old boot time of 5 minutes and all the friendly antivirus alerts about half of the software i used being viruses. And of course, searching for drivers all around the internet after losing a cd was a ball too. I shouldn't have switched over to Linux...

    But seriously now. My Ubuntu runs twice as smoothly as the pre-installed windows ever did and I'm using compiz with a full set of effects on a small netbook. Whoever wants to use windows, go ahead. It's your money. But you sure as hell ain't getting ME back on that hell ;)

  73. Why is it that when ever an article about linux vs. windows comes up neither side presents a REASONABLE argument. It always comes down to "Linux sucks cause I can't do what I did in Windows" and "Windows sucks cause I overclocked my vid card and now windows doesn't work properly!!"

    To be fair, I use OSX, Windows & Linux. I try to use them equally as I'm expected to support all 3 in my current position.

    To the Linux freaks (Not meant in a bad way): Using dramatics to prop up Linux doesn't do anyone any good. A few comments from above

    - Windows takes 5 minutes to load! Really? It takes at most 10 minutes to solve this problem. Remove startups from msconfig, don't use Norton, clean out the viruses you got trying to look at porn or pirate music/movies/software and don't by a bargain basement PC expecting it to run like dream.

    - I have to spend days looking for a CD to reinstall drivers after a format! You can back up drivers manually, use one of the many programs out there to roll all the drivers into an exe, save the CD, use something like driver genius to download all drivers automatically, visit the manufactures website and download them all at once, use a system profiler to figure out what you have and download them seperately or use the recovery partition that comes with many laptops these days. With so many options, why waste "days" looking for a CD? This is not a windows fault.

    - Hardware just works under Linux! Again, this is wildly open remark. I come frequently come across hardware that isn't supported by Linux. My own laptop is a good example, I downloaded Ubuntu about 2 weeks ago and installed it. By default, my sound and wireless didn't work. Managed to get wireless working after a quick google search but the sound refused. Eventually I decided I had spent enough time on the issue and it was no longer worth the investment. On the other hand, my Snow Leapard install disc worked on first boot with the hackintosh CD. Windows also picked it up on install. At least with Windows, the hardest part tends to be finding the .exe and hitting the next, next, next, "I agree" & finish buttons.

    All games work in Wine! While true from what I've experienced, it is beyond the average user to get this working. They want to go home, pop in the CD, blindly agree to the T&C's and move on to playing the game.

    I find linux to be generally enjoyable when it does work. When something doesn't it is beyond my grandmother to fix. At least with Windows, I can talk my 16yo brother how to get things working over the phone. Linux would be another story.

  74. Seriously... Thumbs up for this article. i use Debian and it's the best. Screw MS and their overprised, underdeveloped crap. Plus, like you say, little to no viruses and wow! Legal free software! I don't need to pirate everything and get trogens! What a concept! How dare Linux be so awesome. I miss my Windows machines where 90% of the hardware capability was being used by bloated crap. Vista? JUNK! Linux in general? WAAAAAAY BETTER! If you really can't get over not using Windows, just use a VM or WINE. At least then the viruses are contained...

  75. Nice ironic article. Fact is, Linux still can't hold up to Windows. Linux gets better each time, but some things also get worse (e.g. often released with beta software and therefore hell lot of bugs).
    Yes, I have fate that Linux will sometime push Windows from the throne - but it will not be done by all these hundreds of different distributions. In my opinion Google OS will be the first Linux OS, that will be able to attract people. Most Linux distributions consist of a development Team of maximum 15 people. Google has a much bigger amount of software developers and I guess they will throughly be testing usability, an easy option to make software or drivers to attract hardware developers, more compatibility etc. etc. Although I don't like Google either because of all their Data collection, I think they could make the breakthrough.
    Regards -

  76. I switched over to Ubuntu a couple of months ago and I just hate it! I don't get to worry about any of the spyware that destroyed my copy of Vista, and I really hate the fast boot up time. Also, this entire apt-get thing constantly reminds me of how much I liked sorting through crippled shareware pretending to be freeware on the Internet. Stupid pre-compliled software repositories with just about anything a geek like me could ever need!

  77. Google OS is cloudware, which is utterly pointless, and people will realize it the first time their internet goes out for an hour or when they get their first wireless broadband bill. I don't know why all these geeks cream their jeans over turning home computers into dumb terminals, it's completely irrational.

    Ubuntu already is attracting people (the poor dears).

    Linux itself does not suck, at least it sucks much less than Windows and the non-BSD parts of OSX, and it's the only sane choice for servers. Unfortunately I'm back to WinXP SP3 on the desktop, since the current Gnome and KDE desktops really do suck, bite, and blow, plus Adobe has yet to release the code for Photoshop under the GPL (and no, GIMP is not quite the same thing).

  78. Some of these arguments are senseless. The thing about Linux is that if you find that software is not up to standard or does not have some functionality you like , you are free to improve it.

    "Linux distributions consist of a development Team of maximum 15 people." This is not true. Ubuntu and Debian consist of a team of thousands of developers.

    "Fact is, Linux still can't hold up to Windows. Linux gets better each time, but some things also get worse (e.g. often released with beta software and therefore hell lot of bugs)." That is why you can submit bugs to the maintainers or upstream developers or get the source and fix it yourself.

    "The Linux kernel gets changed at least once every two weeks in the open source community by some novice who thinks they know how to code and improve upon something but they don't and only makes flawed changes to script making it worse." The linux kernel changes every day and you can submit your own code or help in developing already existing code if you think it is not good enough.

    "I miss my old boot time of 5 minutes and all the friendly antivirus alerts about half of the software i used being viruses" Windows slows down because of the registry that is loaded at boot. The more apps you have, the slower the boot.

    "In my experience, Linux forums are populated with people who aren't very "welcoming" either and tend to be really insulting and condescending if you need help with basic setup. It's very hard to find people who will talk to you, assuming you know NOTHING about "kernels" "shells" "roots" etc., and actually helping you." You probably went to the wrong forum. There are free Unix & Linux e-books that can explain the things you do not know of and can help you if you get stuck.

    And anyway, you can choose to use it if you want to. You're not forced to use it. If you think the change will be hard to get used to there are Linux Distributions ( Like Zorin-OS that have a windows-like UI to make it easier to get used to linux.

    Thre are so many appliances probably in your house or in your office like your dishwasher , Sony LCD TV , cisco router , wireless router , phone , its surprising some people still find linux hard to use and get used to.

  79. i miss reinstalling windows every now and then :(

  80. I agree with everything everyone says! Using something different does take time to learn. I have tried Linux in the past and it was to hard for me to make things work.

    I've just loaded Mint to have a play with, and am enjoying it. I haven't broken it yet, but I do like the way it works on my old laptop - fast. I do like its customisation abilities. It has it's downfalls, but hey so do the others. I could complain about MS and maybe I should, but I have found that this doesn't solve anything. Even when I paid MS money for support and complained to them directly, they still didn't care enough to fix their bugs (the bug I paid to be looked at was on XP, it has been carried through to Vista and now on my win7 machine - so much for paying $300 for new win7 code).

    Nothing is perfect, I've seen the screen of death on OSX and also the annoying window that says the app has stopped responding.

    But wow, MINT has made my day with its repository and all the little gismo's. Showed my narrow minded Mac friend MINT, yesterday and his response was wow.

    Everyone just wants everything to work smoothly all of the time. No OS can do this yet. Everyone wants to run all the software that they want on their OS. No OS can do that either.

    But anyone wanting to give Linux a try - try MINT, have some fun, try to break it.

    You guys are all great. xo

    Everything is right! Fuckin Linux is taking our favourite freetime activity: REPAIRING WINDOWS and it's programs!

    The only 3D effect the windows evoirment offers is the window switcher since win7. So we're able to have fun with just one thing! With Compiz, we just want more and more and we're not happy with a single effect anymore. There is a windows application trying to copy the beautiful cube effect: DeskCube or DeskSwitcher or what it was called again.

    great Text!

  82. Anonymous sad:
    "Everyone just wants everything to work smoothly all of the time. No OS can do this yet."

    You are right, therefore I don't like to give away any money for bad working software, so I'm happy to have a chance to play with some costing nothing and giving me no more trouble as the payed one before.

  83. Do a search on google "linux sucks" amd you will find these pages explaining why linux really doesn't suck... Then try "windows sucks" and you will quickly learn WHY Micro$oft is CRAP.

    I loved your article... I really needed a good laugh!