Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Windows users, stop complaining and do something!

There is a lot of Windows users that are currently not happy. They do not like Windows Vista, they complain about expensive software and many other issues. If you read their comments you can see that majority of them are dissatisfied with the product they are using. However, very few of them talk about alternatives or do something pro active. It is not enough to complain all the time about Windows. Nothing will change unless these people will finally do something about it. Switching to a different operating system sends a clear message that you will no longer put up with an inadequate product. So, if you do feel unhappy about your windows system and are trying to find an alternative we recommend GNU/Linux. It is a really good operating system that is completely free to download and use. You can choose which distribution you would like to use. When you do find a nice distribution that fits your needs just go to their website and download the image of the operating system and burn it to a CD. You can dual boot with Windows or just try out their Live CD without changing anything. GNU/Linux comes with thousands of applications that you can install and you can tweak Linux any way you want. It gives you freedom from the Windows monopoly and playing by the rules of Microsoft. If you are not sure where to start we have added the top five GNU/Linux distributions below to get you started.

Ubuntu Linux - The most popular GNU/Linux distribution

Mint Linux - A great distribution for beginners

Fedora - Another cool GNU/Linux OS

Open Suse - Has a lot of financial backing

Debian - Easy file format installation

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