Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wiggly windows? That's just the beginning!

Compiz is a really cool application. It uses 3D graphics to create really nice desktop effects. A lot of new users to GNU/Linux like the Wiggly windows effect but that is just the beginning. You can do much more with Compiz. One great feature is to create a 3D cube which you can rotate. This allows you to look through several different desktops that are currently being used. There is a feature to zoom in and out from your screen. Another eyecandy is the water effect, it makes it look like it is raining on your desktop. Or, you can choose to draw burning fire on your screen. Window switcher is great way to flip through your open windows and applications. The Expo effect enables you to view your desktops as zoom out screens and you can drag different windows to another dekstop. These effects and many others can all be enabled by installing Compiz. It is awesome eyecandy for GNU/Linux. Compiz is not only for aesthetics but some of these features are practical to use while working on your computer. Compiz brings GNU/Linux to a new level. If you want to make your Windows and Mac OS friends jealous than install Compiz and give them a really cool show.

Compiz website.

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