Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top places to watch TV on the internet

Now that high speed broadband Internet connections are becoming wide spread video files can be streamed easily. IPTV is becoming a huge trend where you can watch TV and videos over the Internet. In this way you can by pass your cable provider and save a bundle each month. There is tons of content on the Internet ranging from movies, shows, documentaries and so on. Unfortunately not all videos are available in every region. There is a lot of copyrighted material that cannot be streamed to other countries. Also, a lot of the videos come in standard format but recently there are High Definition videos popping up all over the Internet. The new HD videos are nice to watch and you can see them fullscreen without being pixelated. In the future as more content will become available people will choose to watch TV over their Internet connection. Below is a list of great sites to find entertaining videos that will pull you away from your TV set. It is difficult to list all the good sites but if you know of others not mentioned below just post them in the comment section.

Babelgum - A nice collection of videos

Link TV - Television without borders

Free TV - Watch all your favorite TV

Joost - online video

You Tube - Standard and High Definition videos

Miro - free internet TV and nice HD videos

Hulu - Unfortunately only for U.S. citizens

Veoh - watch TV online

ABC - American Broadcasting Company

Comedy Central - Comedians, funny clips, jokes and much more

PBS - Public Proadcasting Service - Video blogs, podcasts and other original content

Free Tube - Your source for free TV

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