Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top Desktop Wallpaper Sites

A selection of free desktop wallpaper sites from around the web. These are high quality desktop wallpapers great for your LCD monitor. Thousands of great pictures to choose from. A lot of these sites feature standard and widescreen mode. If you know of addition top quality sites let us know in the comments below.

Who does not like hot sexy girls in high quality on their computer screen? This site is very good for widescreen and standard format LCD monitors.

Desktop Nexus
This site has a diverse selection of desktop wallpapers. All screen formats are available. Nice vibrant colours and high quality.

Vlad Studio
Cute wallpapers and very nice nature/landscape wallpapers.

Definitely one of the better wallpaper websites out there. Lots of selection and great photographic wallpapers.

Another great site with a diverse collection

Nice colours and high resolution

Another site with cute wallpapers and nice cartoons.

A nice collection of various desktop wallpapers.

Lots of original desktop wallpapers that you will not find anywhere else.

Wallpaper Warp
Not a large selection but very high quality


  1. I must say out of all the ones you list, my fav one is The quality of the images are just amazing, thank you for this great post :) is also cute, I got a few from there for my kids computers :)

    Once again great post!

  2. My favorite sites of wallpapers are:

    Vlad Studio & HD, which are in your top desktop wallpaper sites already

    which is not in your top list wallpaper sites but in my opinion should be because has high quality and resolution wallpapers.