Monday, June 1, 2009

New to Linux: Cool software that you should install

Most of the Linux distributions do not come with the coolest applications pre-installed. If yours does, then you lucked-out. Check out and install these application to make your Linux desktop the coolest kid on the block.

If you want to watch DVDs and all kinds of different video formats that you downloaded from the internet then you need to install VLC media player. To listen to your MP3's, you want to get Audacious player. For organizing your large music collection and adding nice album art, Amarok is very popular. Audacity is another application that is really good if you want to record audio files but if you are a professional then try out Ardour for audio recording and editing. For video editing, try PiTiVi.

Then, you probably want cool eyecandy. If you want to have the 3D cube desktop, you need to get Compiz Fusion. Not only do you get a cool cube but it also has a lot of different effects that you will enjoy.

Also, a lot of Linux distributions do not come with good themes. Those pre-installed are aesthetically plain and simple. Go to and download some cool themes, icons and a log in screen. You can make your computer look really cool! It is nice to have a dock that can give you quick access to applications and search your local hard drive or the web. Gnome do is a great dock that looks good and has a lot of features. You can compare it to the dock of Mac OS.

For instant messaging, use Kopete or Pidgin and for voip use Skype. Even though Skype is proprietary software, most people use the network and it works on Linux.

Torrents are a great way to download large files from the internet. Ktorrent is a nice application that is easy to use and full of features. For a nice peer 2 peer application check out Frostwire. To burn files on your CDs and DVDs install K3B

If you want to edit and create cool 3D graphics than Blender is for you. Watching internet TV is great on Linux and Miro is a cool application.

Also, if you are new to Linux, you probably want to use your Windows applications that you paid a lot of money for. Install Wine and you will be able to use most of your applications and games.

The most obvious software is OpenOffice suite and Gimp for graphics editing. However, these are probably already installed by default on your Linux distribution.

All of these applications will give your Linux extra functionality and your desktop will be cool as hell! Your Windows and Mac OS friends will be envious.

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