Monday, June 8, 2009

Linux is ready, but are the people?

Linux has been ready for home computers for a while now. There are millions of Linux users throughout the world. The question is not if Linux is ready but rather, are the people? GNU/Linux is an amazing project and is becoming a huge computer revolution. It is open source which means that anyone can edit, copy and use Linux. Usually, when there is some really good technology available, it takes a while to be adopted by the masses. Human beings are not very quick to adopt new trends. Linux is gaining momentum but the spread of Linux depends on people. Are they ready to change and adapt? Are people ready to think of themselves as not only consumers of a product but as a member of a community? There is not one company behind Linux. It is designed and maintained by groups, individuals, companies etc. Everyone tries to contribute as best as they can. Linux belongs to all the people who are contributing and making the project work. Are people ready to change their way of thinking about their software? Linux is a free operating system that anyone can download and customize to their specifications. You will have access to thousands of applications, ranging from cool games to multimedia editors and much more. Sometimes people don't believe that this is possible because they are used to buying a product from one company. GNU/Linux has been around for years and the project is maturing, growing and working. Are people ready to adopt and perceive their software in a different way? If you have been hearing about GNU/Linux and are interested in getting to know more about this amazing project or want to download the free OS, then check out the links below.

Mint Linux - Very good distribution for newcomers

Ubuntu Linux - Currently the most popular Linux distribution out there

Fedora - Another great Linux distro

Debian -  It uses an easy installation file format

Open Suse - Linux distro with financial backing

Linux information - Wikipedia article about Linux - A good source for Linux info

Free Software Foundation - Important organization for open source


  1. I think that people learn more and more that they can use alternative solutions to what they were using before.

    The best example is how Firefox took over Internet Explorer.

    I think we'll see the same happening (it will take time of course) with OSes .. Moblin for example is the kind of things that is bringing Linux closer to "standard users"

  2. > The best example is how Firefox took over Internet Explorer.

    True, and Open Office is gaining growth too.