Monday, June 29, 2009

If I switch to Linux do I have to type commands?

New users are a little apprehensive about Linux. They believe that if they switch to Linux they will always have to type commands in the terminal. Today, with great and easy to use distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint the user never has to use the terminal if they don't want to. Everything can be set up and customized just by clicking and selecting. The graphical user interface is well developed and you can use your mouse for everything you need. Even installing applications is pretty easy. In the past and even today some of the Linux distributions are not user friendly. These distributions are geared towards individuals that are familiar wiht GNU/Linux so if you are new to Linux just stay away from them. We highly recommend  Ubuntu and Linux mint if you want to install GNU/Linux on your computer. These two distributions are very easy to use and require minimum tweaking to get you up and running. GNU/Linux has come a long way in the last few years and currently it is very user friendly. If you need additional help there is a lot of information on the Internet for beginners about Linux. So take the plunge and discover a great operating system and thousands of free applications that you can install.

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  1. You might still have to type commands with Ubuntu or Mint. If you want to avoid this altogether, then look at Mandriva or PCLinuxOS. I'd recommend OpenSuse, but setting up their pacakge manager is a serious PITA. I mean, what's with the countless repos? Couldn't they do the same thing with less of them? Better yet, couldn't they just have them setup in the first place?

    However, applications like Mandriva's (and PCLinuxOS's) Mandriva Control Center, and OpenSuse's YaST make any necessary tweaks by the user a snap and done by a GUI frontend. Any distro that doesn't include similar tools is seriously stuck in geekdom.

    PCLinuxOS is, by far, the easy Linux distro you'll ever install and setup. One repository does it all, and it's already setup for you. There is no universe, multiverse, contrib, blah blah blah repositories. Also, it packs the absolutely first rate Mandriva Control Center, rebranded for PCLinuxOS, as well as the use of Synaptic and Apt, which combined are the best package management system on the planet.