Friday, June 26, 2009

Free computer software

There is tons of free software on the Internet that is completely free to download and use. Why pay high prices for software if you can get it for free? Below is a list of amazing software that you can install to give your computer additional functionality. Most of the software works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS. If you know of other software that should be on the list just let us know in the comment section.

OpenOffice - free office suite (think Microsoft office)

Gimp - image manipulation (think Photoshop)

Abiword - lightweight word processor

Skype - call your friends over the internet

Ekiga - voip and video conferencing

Blender - 3D image creation

Firefox - great browser

Pidgin - instant messenger

Amarok - organize your music

Audacity - record audio files

Miro - internet TV

VLC - plays all kinds of video files

uTorrent - download torrents

Ktorrent - another great torrent application

Picasa - organize your photos

Songbird - music player (think iTunes)

Ubuntu - free operating system

Mint Linux - easy to use GNU/Linux OS

Nexuiz - fast paced FPS

Glest - real time strategy game

Warzone 2100 - RTS and great graphics

Assault Cube - first person shooter

Tremulous - another FPS with elements of RTS

Wormux - Clone of Worms

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