Monday, May 25, 2009

X-moto: 2D motocross game

X-moto is a free 2D motocross game. The graphics are simple but the game is addictive. Sometimes, you don't need the latest graphics and effects for the game to have a good fun factor. The project was created in 2005. You are in control of a motor bike and need to collect strawberries throughout the level. The levels range from very easy to difficult and some levels are just plain weird. A lot of physics is involved in the game and you have to be careful of all the obstacles. It takes a while to learn how to control the motor bike. There are a lot of different levels and you can create your own. If you want a simple but fun game than try out X-moto, it works great on Linux. The website has several packages for different distributions.

X-moto website.

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