Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recession got you down? Switch to Linux.

These days it seems that everyone is trying to save money. Recession has hit a lot of people hard. Unemployment, wage freezes and budget cuts. Small and large companies are trying to find ways to cut their spending. Individuals are also saving so that they can get through the recession. One good way to save money for individuals and companies is to switch to Linux. Not only will you get a really good operating system you will be saving in the long run. Companies are the ones who would benefit from this the most because they deal with a lot of licenses. Linux is a free operating system that anyone can install and features high quality software which is available for free. In the past Linux was complicated and difficult for the average user but that is not the case anymore. There are a lot of new distributions that are very easy to use. Today, there is no need to type commands and everything can be done by clicking and selecting. Software that would cost you hundreds of dollars on Windows or Mac OS is completely free to use and download. There is an alternative to most software you are currently using and if you want to run your purchased Windows applications you can run it under Wine. There are a lot of benefits to switching to Linux and especially in a time of recession. You will have access to thousands of great and free software waiting for you to discover. Make the switch to Linux and you will save yourself a lot of money.

For newcomers we recommend Ubuntu which is a great Linux operating system. It is completely free, has strong financial backing and is very easy to use. Currently it is the most popular Linux distribution and has a great community of people that are willing to help you out if you have any questions.

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  1. You also should support the developers of the software pieces that you use, either by donating or even by sending a message about how you feel about the software piece. Oh and if you did not like it, don't whine, just use some other tool.