Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miro: Internet TV application

Miro is free software and is licensed under GNU general public license. It is an internet tv application that works well on Linux. They have a lot of channels that you can watch in High Definition (HD) and standard video resolution is also available. The Miro guide is very easy to use. You can browse through different genres, most popular, top rated, new shows and videos in different languages. Also, you can create a playlist for yourself from different video channels.  There is a section that recommends videos for you and gives you access to legal torrents. The future of TV broadcasting is on the Internet and applications such as Miro are building a base for the TV revolution. If you like watching different shows that are not created by large networks than Miro is for you. Install this cool application and start watching internet TV on your Linux computer.

Check out the Miro website.