Saturday, May 16, 2009

Linux: Be part of the revolution

Linux is a wonderful project that was started by Linus Torvalds in 1991. It is open source, which means that anyone can add, edit and distribute the code. Linux is not a proprietary software like Windows and Mac OS. Anyone can download it for free, it is completely legal, and software updates are provided to you at no cost.
People often wonder how is this possible? Well, the project has thousands of volunteers around the world that contribute their time. There are also organizations that believe in open source software.
The Linux concept is great. Once you install the free operating system you will have access to thousands of really good software. And, all of these applications are absolutely free and of high quality. You will be impressed with how powerful Linux has become and how many great applications are available to you. So, if you are bored of Windows or Mac OS or tired of paying a lot of money for software, then Linux is something you should consider. It has a great community and plenty of people who are willing to help you out. Linux used to be for geeks and computer people but with the latest advancement and great distributions, anyone can use it. The Linux revolution is slowly gaining momentum. Why don't you check out the links below and join us in a free and open source world!

To make this article accessible to beginners the links are kept to a minimum.

Download Linux here.

Learn about Linux.

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