Saturday, May 30, 2009

Less command line more click and select

A lot of new users to Linux get very frustrated about the terminal. They equate it to the DOS times. The terminal is useful but to them it seems that this is an outdated method of computing. A lot of forums will give instructions on what to type in the terminal to get things working. This is not very user friendly and a lot of newcomers get dissapointed with Linux. Majority of people want things to work right away and are much more comfortable with click and select than using the terminal to type commands. Ubuntu and Mint Linux are very popular and some of this popularity is because a person never has to use the terminal to type commands. The terminal should be there for users who feel comfortable with it but most of the instructions for newcomers should avoid it. Graphical user interface is much more popular among the masses. The Linux community should try to appeal to this crowd so that Linux can get a larger market share. If newcomers will have to use the terminal to type commands than Linux will continue to be a small part of the desktop market. Linux needs less terminal and more click and select.

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