Friday, May 29, 2009

From Quantity will come Quality

There is a great concept that from quantity you will eventually get quality. If you relate this to Linux distributions, the idea is very enticing. Linux has several hundred distributions and there are more of them popping up all the time. This is good because a lot of these distributions are trying to do something different. Some of them are basic while others are trying to change the Linux landscape.

A person who is switching to Linux can choose one of these many distributions that fit them the most. A person is not constrained to just one operating system such as Windows or Mac OS. For those individuals that want Linux to work without tweaking it, Mint Linux would probably be the best choice. For others, a different distribution might be more compatible to their needs. It all depends whether you like to use your operating system for games, business, school, multimedia or other things. With so many different variations of Linux there are some that will definitely appeal to you. Out of all the quantity, you will eventually get quality distributions. Some are becoming very popular and they are bound to get things right. Usually, the distributions of better quality will rise to the top, while the others will be left to wither away.

This article is not suggesting that one Linux distribution is better than others. However, the more distributions that are out there trying to go their own unique path, the more choice for us all, and more chances of quality distributions appearing on the Linux scene.

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